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Judges Fall for Chinese Virus Ruse, Free Prisoners on Bond. Result: Two Murders

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As public officials condition Americans to expect “another round” of Chinese virus infections with masking mandates, school closures, and other measures, they’re releasing dangerous criminals from jail.

Murder has been the result, two recent cases and releases show.

The suspect in one, who killed himself before cops could collar him, was freed on a rape charge and, police allege, murdered the woman he raped. The other suspect is a thief accused of murdering a man in front of his daughter.

So public officials use the virus to justify holding law-abiding Americans hostage to dubious public policies that invite civil and criminal penalties, while judges use it to justify springing dangerous criminals from jail.

Alexandria Rapist
Ibrahim E. Bouaichi, 33, was in a “relationship” with 31-year-old Karla Dominguez when he broke into her apartment and raped her in October in Alexandria, Virginia, the Washington Post reported.

Cops charged Bouaichi with six felonies. Surprisingly, he turned himself in to the cops. Held without bond, the Post reported, “Bouaichi maintained his innocence, and his lawyers pressed for a quick trial, but then the coronavirus pandemic struck and all trials were postponed.”

Bouaichi’s attorneys claimed visitation “had been curtailed in the Alexandria jail, that they needed to meet with him before trial and that jails were potential coronavirus hot spots, although Alexandria’s jail had not had a case,” the Post reported. “They asked Alexandria Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins to allow Bouaichi to post bond.”

Dawkins agreed and freed the rape suspect on a $25,000 bond on April 9. Level-headed prosecutors, trying to keep the rape suspect off the streets, objected. The judge ordered Bouaichi to stay home but did not require him to wear an electronic monitor so cops could make sure he complied.

Reported the Post:

In early May, Greenbelt police found Bouaichi behind the wheel of his car at a Wendy’s restaurant drive-through, and they allege that he rammed one of their cruisers with his car. He was charged with multiple assault counts, drunken driving and multiple traffic charges, but was released on bond after one night in the Prince George’s County jail.

The Greenbelt incident would have triggered a motion from Alexandria prosecutors to revoke Bouaichi’s bond, Alexandria Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan L. Porter said. But no one notified Alexandria that Bouaichi had been arrested again.

And so Dominguez wound up dead — shot to death. She was found on July 29 outside her apartment in Alexandria.

Bouaichi lammed it after cops put out a murder warrant on August 1.

On Tuesday, cops published a news release to get the public’s help, and the next morning, lawmen found him in his car in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The rape suspect shot himself before cops could arrest him.

He died on Saturday.

A Knife and Blood on the Steps
In the other case, yet another judge who fell for the Chinese Virus ruse freed a long-time criminal after a six-minute hearing, with no money down for bond. Justin Wilson was on the loose for three months, cops allege, before he murdered Edigio Ienzi in Germantown in Montgomery County, Maryland.

WJLA’s crack reporter, Kevin Lewis — who exposed Montgomery County’s repeated release of illegal-alien criminals — reported the details.

In custody for theft and rogue and vagabond, the convicted thief filed an emergency compassionate-release petition with the courts on April 23, Lewis reported. A week later, Montgomery County Circuit Judge Richard Jordan let him go, free as a bird.

Then came July 23, Lewis reported:

Around 11:30 a.m. that day, [Ienzi’s] 16-year-old daughter woke up in her bedroom to the sound of screaming downstairs. The girl walked to the base of the stairwell and allegedly saw Wilson tussling with her father, Edigio Ienzi, 63, at knifepoint. The girl ran back to her bedroom, locked her door, hid in the closet, and called 911.

“The caller is whispering, advising she saw a knife and blood on the steps,” a dispatcher told fifth district patrol units as they sped to the home. “She says her father was seen lying on the floor. No further at this time.”

Ienzi was pronounced dead at a hospital hours later.

Two surveillance videos from neighbors showed the suspect at or running from the scene.

Ienzi’s son told cops he was friends with the 6-foot-4, 250-pound bruiser. The son made the mistake of telling his miscreant pal that “his dad loved to gamble and that they had several safes within the home,” Lewis reported. “Shortly after that, Ienzi discovered around 30 of his silver coins had gone missing. Court records do not divulge why Wilson allegedly returned to the Ienzi home on the morning of July 23.”

Cops caught the murder suspect in Stafford County, Virginia, 65 miles away from the crime scene.

Six weeks ago, Lewis filed a freedom of information request to find out how many inmates the county has released because of the virus. He has not received an answer.

The judges will not likely face punishment for aiding and abetting the murders.

Image: Prathaan/iStock/Getty Images Plus

R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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