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Two Immigrants, Two Honor Killings, Two Trials

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Americans have reached yet another cultural milestone. Having absorbed tens of millions of illegal Mexican aliens, whose political leaders seek to detach the Southwest in their reconquista of what they believe to be stolen land, they now witness, as reports, two murder trials for what are likely Islamic honor killings.

Honor killings are the estimable Muslim practice of murdering women who defy Islamic convention. Often, daughters and sisters become too “Westernized” or attempt to date non-Muslims boys. And, as well, traditional Muslim women assist in the fatal endeavors. For this, they must die.

Arizona "Accident"

One case involves Faleh Hassan Almaleki (above, left) who mowed down his daughter in Peoria, Ariz., just outside Glendale. As the Washington Post summed up the prosecutors arguments in a story about his trial:

Prosecutor Laura Reckart told them that Falel Almaleki was increasingly incensed at his daughter's failure to obey him. She told jurors in her opening statement in his murder trial that he believed she had dishonored the family by becoming too Westernized. When he saw her by chance while visiting a state Department of Economic security office in Peoria on Oct. 20, 2009, his rage overflowed.

Falel Almaleki left the office, got in his Jeep and waited for his daughter to emerge as he seethed, Reckart said. Then, "he revved and raced that car right out of the parking spot in a premeditated act and ran them over."

Almaleki's rage was boiling for some time. When she was 17, his daughter Noor refused an arranged marriage. Two years later, after she moved out of her father’s home and took a job at a fast-food restaurant, visits from her parents forced her to quit.

Her father's rages, The Associated Press reports,  forced her to flee:

Later in 2009, she moved into the home of her boyfriend and his parents, Reikan and Amal Khalaf, shortly after she showed up at their house and said her parents had hit her. Faleh Almaleki regularly harassed his daughter and the Khalafs, once telling Reikan Khalaf that if his daughter didn't move out of their home, "something bad was going to happen," the document said.

But Faleh Almaleki's obsession with forcing his daughter to obey Islam’s medieval dictates did not stop. He was enraged that his daughter thought differently than he did.

On Oct. 20, 2009, he mowed her down outside Peioria’s welfare office. Just before he ran over his daughter in his Jeep Grand Cherokee, she texted a friend:

"Dude, my dad is here at the welfare office," ''I'm so shaky," ''I knew I shouldn't have woke up," she wrote: "I've honestly never met anyone with so much evil."

After killing the girl, Faleh Almaleki fled to London, where police collared him.

He now claims killing was daughter was an “accident,” that he was merely maneuvering his vehicle so he could spit on her. He is charged, the AP reports, with  first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault and leaving the scene of a serious injury accident.

Almaleki is an Iraqi immigrant.

Domestic Abuse Causes Beheading

In Buffalo, N.Y., a Muslim television executive whose entrepreneurial station, Bridges TV, was meant to dispel stereotypes about Islam and his adherents, is on trial for beheading his wife. The judge will permit Muzzammil Hassan to represent himself with help from his defense attorney.

The judge has also permitted Hassan to present an unusual defense: stabbing and beheading his wife, Aasiya, was self-defense. Hassan freely admitted the killing, as his attorney Jeremy Schwartz said at the opening of his trial: “Mo snapped. He stabbed her and he killed he.” But "numerous times throughout their marriage, Aasiya unleashed physical and psychological attacks on Mo,” Schwartz told the court.

Hassan hatched his abuse excuse defense last year, as The New American reported. According to the Buffalo News:

[Hassan’s defense attorney] told the judge the defense team will prove, through e-mails and other material, that Hassan's wife threatened him with a knife hours before she was beheaded and previously had threatened to move back to their native Pakistan with their two young children. ...

The defense also said the victim verbally antagonized Hassan through their nine-year marriage and subjected him to "debilitating abuse" that caused Hassan to have low self-esteem, be medically depressed and in need of professional treatment.

[The defense attorney] also said in court that Aasiya Zubair Hassan had kicked, slapped and struck her husband almost every day. At the time of the beheading, she said, Hassan feared he never would see his children again. His wife also had threatened to burn down their house and crash his car, the defense claimed.

The defense strategy is somewhat of a surprise to prosecutors, who were not expecting an “psychiatric” defense, as the paper called it.

Problem is, the truth is almost the opposite, the newspaper also reported. The wife’s life was a “nightmare” because he abused her for years. Muzzammil Hassan’s “outbursts of violence” left his wife with a “black eye and fat lip.” A week after filing for divorce on Feb. 6, as the paper reported, “she lay dead in their television offices, stabbed and decapitated.”

Before beheading his wife, the Pakistani immigrant texted her thusly, "I am a good man Aasiya, a humble and decent man. I made some mistakes. Please don't punish me so hard. God likes forgiveness."

A few minutes later, she was dead.

For its part, the media began speculating that “money woes” inspired Hassan because his television station, was struggling financially.

The Muslim community was “outraged” at any suggestion that Islam may have inspired Hassan’s act, and Muslim spokesman said his wife, who suggested that her husband start the television station, was the more devout Muslim.

Maybe, but honor killing isn’t merely religious. It is deeply rooted in Islamic culture as well. Many Muslim men, religious or no, believe wives must submit to every demand.

More Cases

These aren't the only honor killings in America. As The New American reported, a Muslim in Sterling, Mich., stabbed his wife in what was very likely an honor killing. On Jan. 14, the suspect killed himself in jail. In New York, Waheed Mohammed, with his mother's urging, killed his sister. She was, he said, a "bad Muslim girl." Canadians witnessed the infamous case of Aqsa Parvez. Her father and brother murdered to save the family pride. Aqsa had refused, as Jihad reported, to submit to Islam, which means submission:

She told her father she did not wish to wear the hijab, wanting instead to dress in Western clothes with the same freedoms as the other girls in her high school. ...

The statement revealed that Aqsa "did not have a door on her bedroom, her freedom to talk on the phone with friends was restricted, she was required to come straight home from school and expected to spend her evenings and weekends at home."

In September 2007, Aqsa told a counsellor at Applewood Heights Secondary School in Mississauga "that she was afraid her father wanted to kill her."

Muhammed Parvez told his wife: "This is my insult. My community will say, 'You have not been able to control your daughter. 'This is my insult. She is making me naked."

As well, Europe is drenched in the blood of Islamic honor killings

Islam and immigration are the problems. But politicians don't have the courage to propose the obvious solution. Call Islam what it is and stop the immigration.

Photo: Faleh Hassan Almaleki

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