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New Black Panther Party At It Again

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Video footage (picture at left and footage below) has surfaced revealing some of the lessons that the New Black Panthers are teaching their audience, which consists largely of children. In the video, party member King Samir Shabazz is shown teaching “black survival,” which includes how to hold weapons, and how to use them.

You may recall that Shabazz was one of the members of the New Black Panther Party who engaged in voter intimidation at a Philadelphia polling state in November 2008 by standing at the polls attired in military clothing and holding a billy club. Despite the overwhelming evidence of voter intimidation, Attorney General Eric Holder elected to drop the charges against the New Black Panthers, a decision that has provoked a great deal of controversy.

During the self-defense demonstration, Shabazz walks the audience through the proper use of three different kinds of weapons: a baseball bat, a machete, and a handgun.

Donned in black militant attire, and a red bandana, Shabazz begins by showing his students the basics of how to hold a weapon, as well as how to load and unload a gun.

He squats and aims his handgun, telling the crowd, “Know and understand everything around you is a weapon.”

The video reveals that Shabazz and other members of the New Black Panthers acted out a variety of scenarios wherein they are required to act defensively:

In the first demonstration, Shabazz pretends to read a newspaper, when suddenly he is charged by an unknown assailant (who is of course Shabazz’s assistant).  Shabazz then walks through a number of ways in which he can withdraw himself from the situation safely by acting out a variety of blows he can deliver to his attacker. He then teaches the crowd how to pivot and slam his opponent to the ground.

Another demonstration includes Shabazz being charged upon by an aggressor, a situation of which Shabazz immediately takes control by extending his foot into the attacker’s groin while concurrently pulling out his weapon of choice, a handgun. He then teaches the audience how to cut off an attacker’s air supply.

“You’re cutting that wind off completely. Backing him up and put two in him,” instructs Shabazz, who is telling the crowd that they should then shoot the attacker, even after the maneuvers described would have virtually managed to wrestle control from the attacker. As Shabazz is shown with the gun to the attacker’s abdomen, one can assume that the goal is to kill the attacker.

However, Shabazz also re-enacts the scenario, the second time with the gun to the attacker’s leg. “While you have him you may put two bullets in his legs. I’m going to make sure you don’t get up.” The pretend-aggressor then falls to the ground as if he had been shot.

Shabazz continues, “Now, it’s your choice, you may finish off your load or you may go about your business.”

The demonstration continues with Shabazz instructing the audience on how to get out of a choke hold, which for Shabazz is a simple as pulling out a gun and shooting at attacker’s kneecaps, or an even better solution, according to Shabazz. “Go right to the groin…You always want to make sure you are not in the way of your own line of fire.”

He proceeds with the lesson by teaching his students how to use a machete as well as how to use a baseball bat in self-defense. 

With the machete, Shabazz instructs, “Now, I can either go for his fingers and cut his fingers straight off or I can go straight for his wrist.”

He also mimes how to decapitate his attacker and hold the victim’s head in his hands after the deed is done. “And I can hold his head up high just like that,” said Shabazz.

To this, one audience member felt compelled to yell, “Black power.”

This of course is just one of many disturbing videos featuring the New Black Panther Party. In May of this year, Shabazz addressed a group of his colleagues in a speech called “Exhuming of a Nation,” in which he announced, “F*** whitey’s Mother’s Day.” He continued, “I see black folks in here. I see no crackers in here today.”

When Shabazz asked the crowd how they felt, they responded, “Black power!” Shabazz inquired, “You love being black?” to which they exuberantly responded, “Yes!”

It continued:

“Do you love being black?”


“Will you die being black?”


“Will you kill to be black?”

“Yes! Black power!”

“Are you ready for black?”

“Black power!”

What makes these videos so disturbing is the utter hatred that motivates them. In January 2009, Shabazz was captured on video calling on blacks to “kill crackers and their babies.” He also said, “I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker I hate them,“ and targeted black men in the crowd who dared to be seen with a white woman.  

The New Black Panthers have also targeted Fox News, referring to it as “Fox Jews” and threatened to make their presence known at Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally which took place in Washington, D.C. last August, though the entire event went over without a hitch.

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