After another night of riots that have spread across the nation, on Sunday Attorney General William Barr issued a statement urging state and local governments to increase pressure against Antifa “and other similar groups.”

The criminal complaint filed against Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin in connection with the death of George Floyd says that Chauvin, who restrained Floyd by keeping his knee on Floyd's neck, did not suffocate the 6-foot-7-inch suspect. In fact, according to preliminary autopsy findings, the 46-year-old suspect had multiple health problems that contributed to his death.

In their flailing efforts to blame President Donald Trump for the actions of a lone police officer in Minneapolis, the mainstream media is once again twisting the president's words to make it appear as if he made a racist statement, when in fact, the opposite is true.

“Shoot the white folk!” is something you won’t hear in the mainstream media. It sure was heard on Minneapolis streets Wednesday night, though, as authorities fiddled while the city burned. And the fiddling and the burning are largely due to the mainstream media’s burning of truth.

While we can all have our opinions as to what should be done in a criminal case, in a republican form of government, we should rely on the due process of law. No decision — either way — should be determined by public opinion.

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