The left-wing hatemongers at the SPLC are defending themselves against charges of theft and racketeering over one of their attacks against “thought crime.”

The layoffs at the IRS are giving rise to pleas that the so-called government shutdown continue!  

The murder of police Corporal Ronil Singh in Newman, California, has inspired at least one fellow law enforcement officer — this one across the country — to tell the unpleasant truth: Thomas Hodgson, the sheriff in Bristol County, Massachusetts, avers that Singh might still be alive but for the inaction of Congress on border security.

The policies of lax border enforcement and sanctuary for illegal aliens killed a cop in Newman, California, the day after Christmas.

The guilty pleas of a Chinese illegal alien who threatened to kill schoolchildren highlight not only the crime problem that criminal illegal aliens present, but also a major contributor illegal immigration — visa overstays.

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