CNN anchor Don Lemon finally exposed himself as a resolute racist last week when he suggested that America needs a “white guy ban” because a crazy lunatic murdered two black people in Kentucky.

Was Mafia mobster Whitey Bulger permanently silenced to keep him from spilling the beans on Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller?

VIDEO - Kurt Hyde, voter integrity expert, talks with senior editor Bill Jasper about the weaknesses and vulnerabilities with digital voting. With the midterm elections approaching, Kurt urges that the best method to combat voter fraud involves having a paper trail, which digital and remote voting does not allow.

Anyone who doesn’t join the rush to judge and condemn Trump and the GOP for the pipe-bomb spree should, apparently, be written off as a crazy (and dangerous) “conspiracy theorist.”

A leftist group plugged in to subversive billionaire George Soros through his son, Alexander, are exploiting the synagogue shooting to generate hatred against Trump, and told him not to visit Pittsburgh until he disavows “white nationalism.”

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