lemonade standA 10-year-old girl in New York City made headlines over the weekend after receiving a $50 ticket for selling lemonade and home-made cookies in the park.

Manson follower Lynette FrommeIt was almost 34 years ago — September 5, 1975 — that Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme approached President Gerald Ford through a crowd and pulled out a gun. Secret Service agents grabbed the gun and wrestled her to the ground in time. The gun was later found to have a clip of ammunition but no bullet in the chamber.

pacifierIt's hard to imagine anything more evil: a woman kills a friend so that she can steal her unborn baby by ripping it from her womb.

policeThe federal Community Oriented Police Services, or COPS program, has given police departments across the country something to "CHRP" about with the awarding of $1 billion in economic stimulus grants. (CHRP is the COPS Hiring Recovery Program.)

TaserTaser International demonstrated its new Taser X3 on July 27 at the company’s annual conference for law enforcement personnel. According to a July 28 Fox News story, Taser International Chairman Tom Smith and CEO Rick Smith, Tom’s brother, showed off the stun gun’s ability to fire three times without reloading.

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