Was the recent violence and destruction in Los Angeles the result of spontaneous rioting or careful planning?

To protect the innocent and transfer the fear and burden of crime to the criminal element where it belongs, we must demand that capital punishment be imposed when justified and expanded to cover terrible crimes in addition to murder.

Critics of the death penalty would have us lose sleep worrying about the possibility that our system of justice may misfire and execute an innocent person once in a great while, but they shed few tears for the demonstrably large number of innocent people who have died due to judicial (and jury) leniency and erroneous psychiatric evaluation.

The basis of capital punishment is equity. In business, we would call it the just price. Having taken a victim's life, we search for a proper payment for this crime. What can a man give for another's life? We find there is only one payment of equal value: the murderer's own blood.

What about capital punishment? Is it just for the state to take a person's life? Should the practice be outlawed once again? Is the power to execute someone more power than is proper?

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