GuantanamoThe bipartisan report on detainee torture at Guantanamo (pdf) released by the Senate Armed Services Committee on December 11 did a good job of telling Americans what they should have long known:

Ali al-MarriConsider this incredible sequence of events. A young American citizen was invited to study in a Middle Eastern country. Having arrived there, the dictatorship running the country kidnapped him and held him in solitary confinement for seven years without a trial. The dictatorship didn't just incarcerate him, they stubbornly refused to charge him with a crime during his incarceration. His family and friends have petitioned for his release, but the dictator vaguely insists he was a subversive and intended to attack his country — though the ruler stubbornly refuses to provide any details about how this might have happened. Release of these details — even seven years later — would jeopardize "national security." But it's also widely known that this person was apprehended unarmed and had not engaged in any violence.

guantanamoLast month, a consortium of human-rights groups from the University of California at Berkeley released a report entitled Guantanamo and Its Aftermath: U.S. Detention and Interrogation Practices and Their Impact on Detainees [pdf]. Its 136 pages prove in dispassionate prose allegations that Americans passionately debate: the U.S. government imprisoned mostly innocent men, without trial or criminal charges, at its prison in Guantanamo Bay, abused a great many of them, and tortured some.

guantanamoFederal District Court Judge Richard Leon issued a release order on November 20 for five Algerian prisoners held at the Guantanamo Bay prison. The Algerians had been locked up in Guantanamo for seven years without a trial, and Leon dismissed the government claims that they stay locked up based upon one anonymous government source that the administration would not let the court question or review.

Bill AyersBill Ayers now calls Barack Obama a "neighbor and family friend." He also says the Weather Underground never killed or hurt anyone. This is a lie. The evidence shows that the Weather Underground did kill and maim.

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