The case against capital punishment relies on myth, misinformation, and misplaced emotionalism.

Evidence links the OKC bombing to Middle Eastern terrorists, and the failure of officials to examine this evidence in 1995 may have set the stage for the September 11 attacks.

Attorney General John Ashcroft’s recent rebuke of the Bush administration’s civil libertarian critics is setting off alarms all across the political spectrum. Ashcroft, speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee on December 6th, accused critics of Bush administration policies of “fearmongering,” adding ominously:

In the 1960s, the Soviets began building an international network of terrorists. Today, veterans of that network hold key positions of respect in government and academia.

Timothy McVeigh has been punished for his crime, but the Final Report of the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee indicates that other perpetrators remain at large.

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