American communists have officially dropped the mask, openly joining forces with the most murderous regime in human history while celebrating the barbaric dictatorship's engineered ascendance to global leadership and eventually domination. In what may be one of the most stunning public revelations by the Communist Party of its totalitarian agenda, the top U.S. communist even celebrated the emergence of a “New World Order” being ushered in by that mass-murdering regime — an autocracy so barbarous that it is right now facing global condemnation for murdering prisoners of conscience and harvesting their body organs on an industrial scale, among other savagery. Meanwhile, the same Communist Party USA (CPUSA) leader describes President Donald Trump as a dangerous authoritarian. Meet CPUSA boss John Bachtell.   

At its annual meeting in Chicago last week, the American Medical Association (AMA) expanded on its list of proposed “common-sense solutions” to the problem of “gun violence” that it has been proposing for years.

Alan Dershowitz thinks the entire case involving the firing of James Comey could have been handled better by the Inspector General, rather than using the criminal justice system.

In its zeal to embed a spy into the Trump campaign in 2016, the FBI not only likely broke laws, but also certainly violated its own rules.

The liberal mainstream media appear determined to either ignore the recent revelation of “Spygate” — the scandal of the FBI having planted a spy in the Trump campaign in 2016 — or spin it as an anti-Trump story. However, the reality is that this is (as President Trump tweeted) the “all time biggest political scandal.” And, yes, that includes Watergate.

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