An Arizona jury unanimously ordered Planned Parenthood to pay $3 million in damages to a former clinic director who was fired after reporting unsafe and illegal practices at her clinic.

Many predicted violence this past Saturday as the right-wing "Proud Boys" rallied in Portland. There was violence, but it came from the violent left-wing extremist group Antifa.

Jeffrey Epstein, the sex pervert, convicted molester, and Deep State financier, committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell, New York City’s medical examiner ruled on Friday. But too many questions about the finding of "suicide" remain to dismiss foul play.

VIDEO - C. Mitchell Shaw joins Top Headline to discuss the attacks that have happened at an ICE facility, where windows were shot at, and employees were threatened by protesters using their personal information.

Alleged Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell was spotted at an In-N-Out Burger in Los Angeles on Monday. She is very likely a target of the federal prosecutors who indicted Epstein on sex-trafficking charges in early July.

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