If you’re going to attack and threaten to dox an old man wearing a MAGA hat in public, it’s probably best not to identify yourself and post a detailed account of the Trump Derangement conniption on Facebook.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement locked up an illegal-alien killer last month in New York on charges of re-entering the United States. He’s also an MS-13 member. ICE also deported an illegal-alien murder suspect back to India.

Police in Salt Lake City have developed an app to help residents “fight crime.” One feature allows people to take pictures of private property and upload them to police servers. by Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

We’re not yet like Mexico, where a criminal gang just disarmed and abducted 11 policemen. But we’re moving in that direction — if a recent Chicago incident in which a crowd intimidated cops into not arresting a suspect is any indication.

The Deep State is in panic mode after President Donald Trump, following the conclusion of the Mueller probe, suggested that shady individuals involved in trying to take him down had done “evil” and even “treasonous things” against America. Trump also warned that he has been “looking” at these unnamed characters for some time. Establishment globalists and Deep State operatives in the media pretended to be horrified by the president's comments. But among Trump supporters — many of whom backed him to “drain the swamp,” lock up criminals from the previous administration, and take on the “globalists” — the excitement is still growing. Indeed, lawmakers are already promising investigations of those who abused their power to launch phony investigations in a bid to overturn the 2016 election.

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