A homosexual has accused Democratic Senator Cory Booker of a bathroom sex assault in 2014.

District Court Judge Royce Lamberth is aghast at several findings in a Judicial Watch case against Hillary Clinton and the State Department.

VIDEO - Kurt Hyde, election integrity expert, talks to The New American about the solutions to prevent interference, hacking, and fraud in elections. Hyde is an advocate for paper trails with the voting process, as well as releasing precinct numbers.

State Representative Matt Shea of Washington warned that Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Marxists and communists were setting up what he described as “counter-states” in the United States.

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, thinks it’s just fine if leftist goons swarm the streets, immobilize traffic, and threaten motorists, federal employees, and anyone the totalitarian brownshirts have a mind to declare their enemy.

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