The government is in big trouble. The now-infamous standoffs could have ended in disaster for liberty and ranchers. And for some, such as rancher LaVoy Finicum, who was shot dead by government officials while traveling on a public highway, it did end in tragedy. But after years of terror and pain felt by the embattled Bundy family and those close to them, there may finally be a very happy ending visible on the horizon for the Nevada ranchers and for justice. It seems the tables have turned, dramatically. In fact, rather than putting the liberty-loving ranchers and their staunchest supporters behind bars for life — or even six feet under, as Obama administration officials planned — there is now explosive evidence from a whistleblower that could put some of the rogue bureaucrats on the case in prison for extremely serious crimes.

Outraged by new whistleblower revelations of horrifying wrongdoing by federal officials in the Bundy case — one official kept a “kill list,” others withheld evidence from the defense — prominent lawmakers in Western states are asking Congress and the Trump administration to investigate. The government's case, which gained national attention after a 2014 armed standoff in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Bundy family and its supporters, appears to be crumbling. But even as it appears increasingly likely that the defendants will soon walk free, officials say the alleged crimes perpetrated by government officials must not be allowed to go unpunished. 

The Philadelphia city council passed a law that could regulate away shopkeepers' ability to protect themselves with bulletproof glass because its presence offends some people.

Under the guise of stopping “gun violence” and “genocide,” a fringe County Commissioner in Cook County, Illinois, went to New York City to request that the United Nations deploy “peacekeeping” troops in Chicago. Seriously. These would be the same ruthless soldiers who have come under fire around the world for systemic rape of children, spreading deadly diseases, murdering unarmed protesters, overthrowing elected leaders, waging war on Africans who did not want to live under a Soviet-backed dictator, and countless other atrocities — especially atrocities targeting black people, and always perpetrated with impunity.

Another terrorist attack by a green card lottery winner raises once again the thorny issue of how to protect American citizens and still uphold the Constitution. 

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