Jennifer Araoz, who says deceased sex pervert Jeffrey Epstein forcibly raped her when she was 15, has filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s massive estate; Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman police say was Epstein’s procurer; and multiple accomplices.

Universal background checks cannot work unless the government knows where every firearm in the country is.

Two illegal aliens raped an 11-year-old girl multiple times in Montgomery County, Maryland, in 2018. The leftist county just outside Washington, D.C., declared itself an illegal-alien sanctuary last month.

Besides the obvious privacy issues related to their use, perhaps the best argument against “facial recognition” cameras is that they plain don’t work.

Someone posted news about the purported suicide of Wall Street wizard and sex-trafficking kingpin Jeffrey Epstein on an Internet message board more than a half-hour before the first report on ABC News.

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