Michael Avenatti, the flamboyant, tough-talking porn lawyer, isn’t talking so tough anymore.

Five were killed and more than 20 wounded in Chicago violence over the weekend. Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot believes that the violence is a seasonal thing.

VIDEO - Live in Salt Lake City and need to report your neighbors for something that you don’t agree with? There’s an app for that! Recently released by the police department, you can now upload photos directly to them, whether you want to report a crime, keep a database of your belongings, or turn someone in who does something that you disapprove of.

Joe Wolverton, author of the article “Utah Police Offer Smartphone App That Takes Photos and Sends Them to Police,” joins Top Headline to discuss the topic.

If you’re going to attack and threaten to dox an old man wearing a MAGA hat in public, it’s probably best not to identify yourself and post a detailed account of the Trump Derangement conniption on Facebook.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement locked up an illegal-alien killer last month in New York on charges of re-entering the United States. He’s also an MS-13 member. ICE also deported an illegal-alien murder suspect back to India.

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