Anyone who doesn’t join the rush to judge and condemn Trump and the GOP for the pipe-bomb spree should, apparently, be written off as a crazy (and dangerous) “conspiracy theorist.”

A leftist group plugged in to subversive billionaire George Soros through his son, Alexander, are exploiting the synagogue shooting to generate hatred against Trump, and told him not to visit Pittsburgh until he disavows “white nationalism.”

VIDEO - Kurt Hyde, voter integrity expert, talks with senior editor Bill Jasper about the concerns of voting interference via Russian hacking or inside jobs. With the midterm elections approaching, Kurt argues that "increasing voter turnout" does not equal a better election, but rather it is by an honest voter turnout.


An armed citizen shot and killed a masked man who opened fire in an Alabama McDonald's.

Smashing political dissent inside Google isn’t the only the way the top Google geeks spend their days. They also enjoy sex with the employees, or at least a little harassment now and again.

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