Though Left-wing media have portrayed El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius as a “Right-winger,” the reality is that his manifesto shows that he was clearly motivated by Left-wing ideology.

More than four dozen were people were shot; seven were killed this past weekend in Chicago. Nor was this weekend unusual. In Chicago, the gunfire never stops.

Democrat front-runner Joe Biden is blaming President Trump's rhetoric for the deadly mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton this past weekend.

Dayton shooter Connor Betts was an atheist who tweeted about Satan, backed the terrorist Antifa outfit, hated police and ICE, was involved in a pornogrind band, and was obsessed with violence.

In a show of rank hypocrisy, the Mexican government is threatening legal action against the United States for the seven Mexican nationals who were among the nearly 50 victims in Saturday’s massacre in an El Paso Walmart.

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