It’s a shocking claim: A shadowy serial-killing gang, with cells in cities nationwide, has been murdering college-age white men — for more than two decades. It’s suspected the group might have already claimed hundreds of victims. Yet police agencies are uninterested in ferreting out the truth and instead write the killings off as accidents or undetermined.

The Center for Immigration Studies, a leading think tank focused on the costs and consequences of mass immigration, filed suit today against two top officials at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A Chicago woman with a concealed carry permit shot and killed a man who tried to rob her at gunpoint at a bus stop.

The Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs has revealed that the United States government is helping manage and support child marriage for immigrants.

The Department of Justice updated its study asking criminals where they got the gun they used in committing the crime for which they were currently incarcerated. Result: 90 percent of them “did not obtain it from a retail source.”

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