Despite the Obama administration’s fiendish efforts to censor the truth, Special Agent John Dodson, one of the key ATF whistleblowers who exposed the “Fast and Furious” plot to arm Mexican drug cartels, recently offered more explosive insight into the deadly scheme. In addition to further demolishing the bogus “botched investigation” narrative peddled by the embattled administration and its allies in the establishment press, Dodson also shed light on various elements of the gun-running operation that disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder and the president have been conspiring to keep secret.



The Washington Times and a former journalist for the newspaper, Audrey Hudson, whose notes were seized during a raid on her home, announced that they were suing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for confiscating sensitive documents containing names of whistleblowers inside the federal government who helped expose official lies.

Media around the country are reporting the inroads the Department of Homeland Security is making in transforming local law enforcement into subordinate outposts for the increasingly militarized federal agency.

For the first time ever, according to legal experts focused on the subject, a prosecutor who deliberately sent an innocent man to prison by withholding evidence is himself going to be jailed. The case surrounds Michael Morton, a Texas man convicted of murdering his wife, and former prosecutor Ken Anderson, the state official responsible for sending Morton to prison for 25 years. Anderson, who later went on to become a judge, withheld crucial evidence in the case as District Attorney that could have cleared Morton of the charges.



Fitch and Moody's downgrades of Chicago's general obligation bonds are markers on the road to Detroit for America's third largest city.

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