Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter who killed dozens of patrons at a gay nightclub, is reported to have been a homosexual himself.

Terrorist, mass-murderer Omar Mateen worked for global “security” company G4S, which was recently revealed to be working for the Obama Department of Homeland Security transporting and releasing illegal aliens in Arizona.

The real outrage in the Orlando nightclub shooting was the inability, thanks to Florida's gun-free-zone laws, of the victims to defend themselves.

Almost as soon as the third trial in the death of Freddie Gray was under way, Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams ruled that prosecutors had withheld evidence which would help the defense. After the first two cases ended in a mistrial and an acquittal respectively, Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby appears to have pulled out all stops — including legal ethics — in an effort to get get what has eluded her so far: a conviction in this case.

Now, police can not only seize your cash, but with new technology they can suck money right off your debit card.

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