The FBI charged Retired Marine General James Cartwright for lying to the FBI, and it's unanimous that he is being offered up by the FBI as a sacrifice after not prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

A large number of FBI agents and Department of Justice attorneys who worked on the investigation of Hillary Clinton for her handling of e-mails containing classified information were dismayed by FBI Director James Comey’s decision that the Bureau would not charge Clinton with a crime.

Hillary Clinton has the uncanny ability to gather around herself people eager to promote the sellout of America, paying them handsomely along the way. 

In an apparent effort to protect Obama and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the politicized Obama Justice Department dropped charges against an arms dealer accused of arming Obama- and Clinton-backed Islamist terror groups. Among those receiving U.S. arms from the administration's illegal programs, the arms dealer said, were al-Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS), and other terrorist organizations, some of which went on to topple and kill former Libyan dictator and U.S. government “terror war” ally Moammar Gadhafi.

New disclosures from WikiLeaks show that — even as Hillary Clinton denied doing anything wrong in her handling of classified e-mails — Clinton staffers discussed the scandal and how it “smack[ed] of acting above the law.” Far from the unified front presented to the public, the recently leaked e-mails show that staffers believed that Clinton was not being honest about her handling of classified information over her private, unsecured e-mail server.

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