Media around the country are reporting the inroads the Department of Homeland Security is making in transforming local law enforcement into subordinate outposts for the increasingly militarized federal agency.

For the first time ever, according to legal experts focused on the subject, a prosecutor who deliberately sent an innocent man to prison by withholding evidence is himself going to be jailed. The case surrounds Michael Morton, a Texas man convicted of murdering his wife, and former prosecutor Ken Anderson, the state official responsible for sending Morton to prison for 25 years. Anderson, who later went on to become a judge, withheld crucial evidence in the case as District Attorney that could have cleared Morton of the charges.



Fitch and Moody's downgrades of Chicago's general obligation bonds are markers on the road to Detroit for America's third largest city.

A coalition of Republican lawmakers formally introduced Articles of Impeachment against Obama’s disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, who stands accused of perpetrating multiple high crimes and misdemeanors. The widely anticipated measure to force the Justice Department boss into early retirement — and potentially open him up to criminal prosecution for contempt of Congress — argues that Holder refused to comply with congressional subpoenas on “Fast and Furious” gun-running, lied under oath to lawmakers about targeting journalists, has failed to uphold his oath of office, and more.

Hacker Jeremy Hammond, a so-called “hacktivist,” or an activist who uses hacking to further a cause, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on Friday for his role in stealing documents and financial data from the private intelligence-gathering outfit Stratfor and handing the material he obtained to WikiLeaks — part of an effort he says was aimed at exposing government criminality to the world. Hammond accepted responsibility for his actions by pleading guilty to the charges against him, but despite an outpouring of support, the federal judge overseeing the case handed down the maximum possible sentence.




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