Is the president of the United States perpetrating a fraud? Or is a major law-enforcement agency making an untrue and seriously damaging allegation against a sitting president.? Either way, it's a huge story.

Friday evening in the town of Burlington, Washington a gunman walked into Macy’s at the Cascade Mall and opened fire. The shooting lasted a mere 60 seconds and left five people dead.

Statistics from the FBI’s report Crime in the United States, 2015, released September 25, confirm previous reports that the long decline in violent crime has ended.

After days of riots and looting and some mostly peaceful protests following the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott — a black man — in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) has released the dashcam and bodycam videos of the shooting. And while — as Charlotte officials had previously said — the videos do not conclusively show Scott pointing a gun at officers, the videos do seem to confirm the officers’ account of what happened Tuesday.

As violence and lawlessness reigned in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the wake of an officer-involved shooting of an armed black man earlier this week, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) crowd claimed that those committing mayhem and violence were “protesting” against racism. But is BLM responding to a real problem or simply using the shooting as another pretext for bringing about revolutionary changes via terror?

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