The response to Edward Snowden's claim to be the leak behind last week's revelation about PRISM was immediate and predictable: investigate and prosecute him as an enemy of the state.

Twenty-five years ago the Tawana Brawley case enflamed race relations in America and catapulted Al Sharpton into the national limelight. But Sharpton’s race demagoguery had begun years before that, and his notoriety as a racial arsonist continues up to the present.

After a global outcry about his prosecution and alleged torture, whistleblower Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence officer accused of “aiding the enemy” by leaking hundreds of thousands of U.S. government documents exposing war crimes and countless dubious diplomatic dealings to WikiLeaks, is finally on trial this week. The secretive court-martial proceeding, widely criticized as a show trial with a pre-determined outcome, began Monday and is expected to run for around three months.

Snopes' "vetting" of a story about an inside deal between the U.S. Postal Service and Senator Feinstein's husband's company was a whitewash, failing to mention the couple's rampant self-dealing, which has made the couple very wealthy.

Even if the Florida jury to be impaneled in the June trial of George Zimmerman believes him innocent in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman is likely to go to jail anyway, in order to keep revolutionaries from burning Sanford to the ground in protest.  

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