Of course the judge denied Sessions' request. Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of federalizing the Baltimore Police Department.

It's nice to have in place an attorney general who supports local police instead of the previous one, who worked to assimilate local police into the federal apparatus. 

In what may be the most explosive episode of his high-profile television career, psychologist and TV show host Dr. Phil exposed the little-known phenomenon of human trafficking of sex slaves among the elite echelons of society. According to Dr. Phil, the victim, and reliable sources who corroborated her story, the girl — now a young woman — was flown around the world on private jets and forced to have sexual relations and engage in unspeakable acts with wealthy businessmen, political leaders, and other establishment figures. Much of what was described on the the Dr. Phil Show sounded satanic, analysts said.

The $45 million fine is likely to be treated by the board as just another cost of doing business their way.

In a criminal case about a child pornography website that was operated by the FBI for two weeks in 2015, the government suppressed the recent WikiLeaks disclosures about computer hacking because they are "classified." This is the clearest admission so far that those disclosures are genuine.

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