Now, police can not only seize your cash, but with new technology they can suck money right off your debit card.

Hillary Clinton has denied from the beginning of her e-mail scandal that she ever "sent or received any e-mail that was deemed classified, that was marked classified” over her private, unsecured server. She has continued to repeat that mantra even as — time and time again — it has been shown to be a lie. Now, federal records show that not only did she both send and receive classified information, some of that information included the names of U.S. intelligence officials that were supposed to be kept secret. Top secret.

The trial of the third of six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray begins this week, and State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is asking for a conviction of “depraved heart” murder.

Not only was the so-called documentary Under the Gun, hosted by Katie Couric, deceptive, but in the making of it, at least three federal gun laws were broken.

Sixty-nine people were shot in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend, with six of them dying from their wounds.

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