On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown revealed that California treats misuse of transgender pronouns more seriously than intentionally inflicting an individual with HIV, by signing into law a bill that reduces from a felony to a misdemeanor the penalty of knowingly exposing partners to HIV.

Hurricane Harvey — Weinstein, that is — blew into Hollywood and now, it appears, has blown his career. Taken down by his own sexual impropriety, the once omnipotent film executive has just fled to “rehab” and may even face criminal charges. Yet he merely reflects a Tinseltown that, even more than Las Vegas, is the real city of sin. 


The Blind ID System (BIDS) to purchase guns would surely be a less onerous, less intrusive, and less costly alternative to the failing, unconstitutional NCIS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) now in place, so why isn't it used?

A new report by the FBI's counterterrorism division has identified "black identity extremists" (BIEs) as a domestic terror threat. These individuals do not necessarily have ties to any particular group but simply subscribe to a belief system in which law enforcement is perceived as a threat to African Americans and believe violence is a reasonable response to perceptions of police brutality.

No matter how many communist hammers & sickles or images of Marx, Mao, and other communists the violent Antifa radicals display, the Fake News media continue to present them as idealistic "anti-fascists."

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