State Representative Matt Shea of Washington warned that Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood as well as Marxists and communists were setting up what he described as “counter-states” in the United States.

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, thinks it’s just fine if leftist goons swarm the streets, immobilize traffic, and threaten motorists, federal employees, and anyone the totalitarian brownshirts have a mind to declare their enemy.

VIDEO - In this exclusive interview, Kurt Hyde, author of The New American's cover story 'Voter Fraud: Manipulating the Vote,' speaks with senior editor Bill Jasper regarding Russian hacking, corruption, vulnerabilities, and voting efficiency. Hyde is an election integrity expert, studying and investigating historical and current election methods and procedures.

The accusations plaguing Brett Kavanaugh have captivated the nation. Yet they’re not as damning as two relatively recent allegations of sexual assault made against a Pennsylvania teen — allegations that were backed by corroborating witnesses.

When individuals obtain their concealed carry permit they take on an enormous responsibility. They carry the power to kill and must apply that power exceedingly judiciously.

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