Is this the effort that will finally break through the teflon coating of the Clinton dynasty?  By Bob Adelmann

Perhaps the solution to the crescendo of armed violence between police and protesters is the privatization of law enforcement.

This study's conclusions refute persuasively the very foundation upon which the BLM movement is built. They are likely to change nothing. 

Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton made waves this weekend during an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when she stated that there is systemic racism within the criminal justice system and that white people need to be more receptive to that reality. But while Clinton’s statements reiterate the talking points that have been touted by the Obama administration and recited by the media in recent years, they are inconsistent with the data on race and police shootings. Meanwhile, purporting that police are racist only serves to place a larger target on the backs of police officers.

In an ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted from July 6-7, a majority of those polled disapproved of the FBI’s recommendation not to charge Hillary Clinton with a crime for her handling of e-mail while she was secretary of state.

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