John Birch Society speaker James Fitzgerald is traveling American pleading with Americans to "Support Your Local Police — and Keep Them Independent!"

Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured, private e-mail server during her tenure as secretary of state has been under investigation by the FBI for more than a year. The crux of the investigation is how she handled — or mishandled — sensitive information. Now, with the investigation in its final stages, some of Clinton’s closest aides have been interviewed by the FBI and Clinton herself is expected to be questioned any time now.

It was an image of a stick figure being hanged, accompanied by the slur “Nig***!” and the hashtag #WhitePower. And the police were poised to file hate-crime charges — until...




The statute of limitations is up on former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's criminal child sexual abuse. But what of the child sexual abuse that, even when committed today, cannot be prosecuted?  

Another opportunity for the Left and their enablers to sully the reputation of local law enforcement, setting the table for the inevitable solution: a national police force.

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