A highly flawed anti-gun "study" was swallowed whole by the mainstream media since its conclusions supported its anti-gun agenda.

While she may still have friends in the State Department sticking with her, it appears that the list of powerful people willing to help her out of her latest scandal is fairly thin. In fact, State Department officials may not be as interested in helping their former boss as they are in covering their own hides.

If you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t possibly sink any lower, think again. Because now a video has emerged showing employees talking of cutting organs from babies with beating hearts. 

Hillary Clinton has a long list of titles: former attorney, former first lady, former New York senator, and former secretary of state. Considering the severity of her e-mail scandal, she may soon add another title to that list: former candidate for the Democratic nomination. As the facts continue to come out, her problems are looking increasingly serious. And — her protestations to the contrary notwithstanding — she seems to know it.

Even if Hillary Clinton escapes legal trouble, the e-mail scandal is likely to cause her serious problems with her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. 

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