The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) will argue in court today that the warrant used by the FBI in the now infamous “Playpen” child pornography case was unconstitutional. EFF — an organization dedicated to preserving digital liberty — is concerned about the precedent this case will set if the warrant is allowed to stand.



Is this the new normal in the environmentists' war against society?

Among colleges and universities, the University of California, Berkeley has — since the 1960s — held the title as the most radically liberal. Hailed as “the birthplace of Free Speech,” the university and the town from which it draws its name have long been a seedbed of communist ideology. With that communist ideology having now come of age, Berkeley is becoming the deathbed of Free Speech.

This isn’t a war against crime in Chicago. It’s a war against the Second Amendment.

It’s Bill O’Reilly’s history of sexual harassment that will end his career as host of his The O’Reilly Factor.




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