The FSB — Russia’s primary domestic security agency and successor to the old Soviet KGB — informed the FBI in early 2011 that it had information indicating that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the elder brother suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings, was a follower of radical Islam, said two law enforcement officials on April 20.

Only after the curfew in Watertown, Massachusetts, was lifted and alert resident David Hanberry went outside his home to get a smoke, according to news reports, did the case of the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt for suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev crack open. That was when Hanberry saw blood on the tarp of his dry-docked boat and called the police.

A mass stabbing that took place earlier this week at Lone Star College Cy-Fair in Harris County near Houston, Texas, does not help advance the gun control agenda that has pervaded media reports. Fifteen students were wounded in the stabbing, with four believed to be in critical condition. Police have the suspect, 20-year old Dylan Quick, in custody. Quick is reportedly a student at Lone Star College who told authorities that he had fantasized about stabbing people since he was eight years old.

A Colorado bill has sparked a firestorm of controversy because of fears that it could be used by Secret Service agents, acting on behalf of the Obama administration, to arrest sheriffs in Colorado who refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal gun controls.

A major with the Baltimore Police Department will be attending a United Nations “Police Commanders Course” (UNPCC) in Sweden next week that is raising eyebrows among Americans — especially considering the UN’s history and highly controversial agenda. The three-week course is aimed at teaching officers from around the world about “peacekeeping” operations, interpretation of UN “mandates,” how to work effectively with international military forces, and more, according to the program outline.

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