Although carried out by individuals, four attacks on police officers committed over the weekend are clearly inspired by the BLM, which is funded by billionaire radicals seeking to turn the country from freedom to communism.

It’s not only anti-Trump rioters; the globalist billionaire’s private rent-a-mob armies have been rampaging across the United States and causing chaos worldwide for years.

The evidence available to the public of crimes by the Clintons — including pedophilia, fraud, and treason — leaves no doubt that Trump should have them investigated. But will he?

What a gargantuan waste of time and money, claiming that replicas have anything to do with Baltimore's soaring violent crime rate.

With FBI Director James Comey having twice transgressed against both logic and the law, it will be up to President Trump to bring the light of truth and the weight of justice to bear on the multiple crimes committed by Clinton and her cohorts. His promise demands it. His oath of office will demand it. The integrity of the rule of law demands it. We, the people, must also demand it.

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