Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is raising eyebrows by seeking a protective order that would prevent the release of Freddie Gray’s autopsy report, as well as a gag order on those involved in the case. Mosby claims that she wants to “ensure a fair and impartial process” while she prosecutes the six police officers involved in Gray’s arrest.

In Great Britain the world is upside down: Attackers go free while victims go to jail. By comparison, America looks pretty good. 

The Department of Justice is once again using taxpayer dollars to fund a biased agenda. The department's National Institute of Justice (NIJ) has awarded Michigan State University over half a million dollars for a study on social media usage by “far-right” groups.

The terms of a “consent decree” under which the Cleveland Police Department (CPD) will now operate represent a long step toward turning the CPD into a branch of the federal government.

Left-wing pundits are busy trying to make the May 17 Twin Peaks biker shootout in Waco, Texas, a story about anything but crime.

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