The trial of Mexican immigrant José Inez García Zárate for shooting Kate Steinle in July 2015 began Monday morning in San Francisco. At issue will be only whether Zárate shot Steinle intentionally or accidentally.

In the wake of the Las Vegas shootings of October 1, the question of the ability of law enforcement to protect the public is critical.

Billionaire globalist George Soros has transferred the bulk of his wealth — almost $18 billion — to his Open Society Foundations, a sprawling network of entities and front groups pushing everything from globalism and Big Government to abortion, racial hatred, radical politicians, nationalized police, Hillary Clinton, mass Islamic migration, illegal war, and open borders. Some analysts have suggested that the massive transfer of funds was a scheme to avoid the estate tax. However, the deeply controversial extremist and self-styled “god,” now 87-years old, is also reported to be laying the foundation for his anti-freedom agenda — described by Soros as a “New World Order” that the mass-murdering Communist Chinese regime will “own” — to be perpetuated with his billions long after he meets his Maker.

Newly released FBI documents confirm that ousted FBI Director James Comey “protected Hillary Clinton,” according to a series of tweets by President Trump. The president’s early-morning tweets on Tuesday are in keeping with previous statements he has made about Comey’s protection of Clinton during her e-mail scandal. The biggest difference this time is that documents from the FBI confirm Trump’s claims.


With all of the focus on the alleged (yet never demonstrated, much less proved) connections between President Trump and Russia over the past year, the liberal mainstream media have bent over backward to keep the attention off of the demonstrable (and likely soon to be proved) connections between Hillary Clinton and Russia. New reports may make it impossible to continue that ruse.


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