Barely plausible denials aren't enough to cover the fact that Hillary deliberately broke the law while Secretary of State. 

After the Department of Justice accused the Ferguson Police Department of racial bias, the FPD now finds itself in a pickle, facing three unsavory, even impossible, alternatives to the status quo.

Imprisoned evangelist Kent Hovind, a well-known advocate of biblical creationism who has been behind bars for 100 months on tax and “structuring” charges, is on trial once again. The federal government is now pushing to have him locked up for life on charges of “mail fraud” and “contempt of court.” In a telephone interview with The New American magazine from prison in the Florida panhandle over the weekend, Dr. Hovind argued, as his large and vocal group of supporters does, that he is being persecuted for his faith and his preaching — that the government and his detractors are essentially “shooting the messenger” because they do not like the message he preaches from the Bible. Anti-Hovind activists and the government say there is no persecution going on.

The Chicago police department runs a “black site” detention facility where detainees are “disappeared” and kept out of contact with family and lawyers at a warehouse on the city’s west side called Homan Square, according to a report published Tuesday by the London newspaper The Guardian.

A Texas grand jury last week might have set a precedent when it decided not to indict a marijuana grower who shot and killed a deputy sheriff during an early-morning raid on the man’s home.

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