With riots and killings happening in cities in the wake of the deaths of young black men, political elites are calling for nationalizing local police, but what would that actually do?

Last month, North Dakota became the first state to legalize the use of armed drones by police in what the United Kingdom’s Independent dubbed as a “classic case of unintended consequences.” The law’s failure to define specifically which weapons are permitted on the drones leaves room for potentially dangerous weapons to be allowed, fueling concerns about the increased militarization of America’s police.

New revelations in the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal are damning to her claims that she "never sent or received any e-mail that was deemed classified, that was marked classified." A new intelligence review by the CIA confirms that at least two e-mails have already been found that did contain information that was highly classified.

Last week a police officer was surrounded by a large, angry crowd and attacked. Some in the crowd were heard saying, "We need to start killing these officers." The situation could easily have ended badly. The officer involved could be dead, as well as several in the crowd. It could have been another front page news story. Instead, the officer — and the other officers who arrived to provide backup during the ordeal — managed to diffuse the situation and arrest the two people who had assaulted the officer.

Bryan Pagliano — who has said he will plead the Fifth when he is called to testify before Congress later this week — maintained the private e-mail server that Hillary used to manage all her e-mails, both work and personal, during her tenure as secretary of state. Hillary's campaign acknowledged only recently that he was paid out of the Clintons' private funds for those services.

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