The death by torture inflicted on Otto Warmbier by the pariah North Korean regime reflects on the depths of human depravity still extant in the world today.

Peddling lies has a price. This was evident this morning when Republican congressman Steve Scalise, a congressional staffer, and members of the congressional police force were shot by a leftist who, as another GOP representative put it, “was there to kill as many Republican members as possible.” 

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history,” said German philosopher Georg Hegel. This certainly applies to the resurgent support for Marxism and the tolerance for her adherents, bloody though their hands may be. A good example is the honoring of communist FALN terrorist Oscar López Rivera at Sunday’s New York City Puerto Rican Day parade.

She’s someone you might not have babysit your child, but she nonetheless received Top Secret security clearance. Now she’s sitting in jail, facing 10 years’ incarceration for leaking classified information to the media. Welcome to third-millennium American reality — and to Reality.

VIDEO - The firing of FBI Director James Comey has caused a lot of people to come to Comey’s defense and claim that his firing was entirely unjustifiable. DHS expert Andy Ramirez goes into detail of reasons and cover-ups involving Comey which should have never qualified him to rise to the director of the FBI in the first place.

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