According to a new report, an FBI informant in the ongoing Uranium One investigation says that executives for the Russian nuclear company involved in the deal wired money to the United States to influence then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the time when she was in a position to reset relations between the United States and Russia. With Clinton's approval, that deal transferred at least 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russian control.

New Jerseyans appear impervious to Senator Bob Menendez's career-long history of corruption and treason. Now that the DOJ is dropping charges against him after a hung jury because his evident corruption is apparently not corrupt enough, they're likely to reelect him to another term in November.

In the race into race madness, California may lead the pack. A case in point is the state’s Proposition 47, which seeks to address black Americans’ “overrepresentation” (a propaganda term) in the court system and jails. 

The timing of Senator Bob Menendez' retrial could be disastrous for Menendez even if he isn't convicted.

Recently uncovered court documents related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s time as FBI Director show his lack of anything resembling credibility. The man who is responsible for investigating allegations of Trump/Russia collusion was involved in releasing deceptive statements that helped cover up a Saudi family’s involvement in the terrorist attacks that shocked America and helped launch the modern surveillance state on September 11. 2001.

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