After 9/11, many pilots on commercial planes were allowed to be armed. The mere presence of armed pilots has seemingly eliminated highjackings. Why wouldn't that work for teachers?

In the Florida shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Jeff Heinrich was a hero. It's a shame so few know about him and his actions that ghastly day.

Trump's suggestion to arm teachers (which has already happened at some U.S. schools) is eminently reasonable, but the never-anything-Trump crowd doesn't think so.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller recently handed down indictments against Russians, but what of the far worse election meddlers? These are people who, like the Russkies, engaged in “information warfare” during campaigns and tried to foment unrest via “Astroturf” operations. Unlike the Russians, though, these individuals actually admitted to doing the above — and stealing votes — on hidden camera. 

To members of the mainstream media, especially CNN, there is only one solution to school shootings: more restrictions on innocent, law-abiding gun owners who had nothing whatever to do with the shootings.

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