After two years of being on the defensive as the Deep State and its political allies attempted to undermine and deligitimize his presidency, President Donald Trump now appears ready to strike back. And if recent revelations are an accurate indicator, the fallout for the Deep State and Democrats could be phenomenal.

No doubt about it, the cops say. After Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke wrecked his car while driving drunk in 1998, he tried to flee the scene. He also tried to escape when cops nailed him in an attempted burglary.


In this episode of Behind the Deep State, we break down the failed takedown of President Trump with the Mueller Report and Russian "collusion." The Deep State is regrouping as we speak, scheming the next flavor of the month in an attempt to remove Trump from office.

In yet another episode of academics behaving badly, a college professor walked into NYC’s iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral while carrying gasoline, lighter fluid, and lighters — in an apparent arson attempt — just two days after the shocking fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 22-month-long investigation of alleged Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 election is summarized in a 448-page report released (in redacted form) mid-day Thursday. The wait is over; now the frenzy begins. Enemies of President Trump have claimed — since before he was even elected — that he colluded with Russia. The report, however, makes clear that there is no evidence of those claims. And it fails to provide sufficient evidence of obstruction.

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