Former Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort sent an e-mail July 7, 2016 intended for Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, offering to provide private briefings on the presidential race.

Much of the mainstream media have been willing — too willing — to uncritically circulate the anti-cop narrative that a white police officer should have been found guilty of murder for killing a supposedly unarmed black man. Yet the facts in the case tell a different story.

It could be a case of locking the barn door after most of the horses have been stolen, but denying the sale of a semi-conductor plant to the Chinese does deliver a message to the Chinese communists.

A lawsuit filed against the government of Saudi Arabia by families of 9/11 victims charges that the Saudi government funded a “dry run” designed to test airline security.

Mission accomplished: Freddie Gray's death will be forgotten along with the officers unfairly charged. What remains is what was sought: the permanent consent decree turning the Baltimore Police Department into a branch of the federal government.

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