Following the announcement late Wednesday that Kate Steinle’s killer, an illegal immigrant going by the name of Garcia Zarate was only going to be charged with felony possession of a handgun and not first-degree murder or even manslaughter in the killing of Kate Steinle, social media lit up.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced “new resources and stepped up efforts to address the drug and opioid crisis,” but did not offer constitutional justification for those resources and efforts.

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has uncovered more evidence that President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency was acting in violation of the law by using social media to promote the agency’s controversial Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule.


As the “secret witness” in the Senate committee investigation looking into Clinton’s wrongdoing in the UraniumGate scandal has come forward to identify himself and add validity to his claims, Clinton says Trump is behind the whole thing.

With reports that a special counsel may investigate her role in UraniumGate, Hillary Clinton accused President Trump of “an abuse of power,” claiming that he is moving toward a “dictatorship” by his “politicization of the Justice Department." She added that she is "not concerned," but she seems to be going pretty far out of her way to confront something she is "not concerned" about.

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