A man who threatened to murder Senator Rand Paul and his family with an ax has been arrested by U.S. Capitol Police.

The FBI arrested a man allegedly plotting to explode a bomb in Cleveland on July 4, but the plot was largely cooked up and abetted by an undercover agent.

Government may not be good at securing borders, balancing budgets, or teaching kids to read, but it apparently can read minds. How else could we have hate-crime law, which is used to punish a person more harshly if he commits a trespass for the “wrong reason”?

Jarrod Ramos killed five people and injured two others at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, Thursday. Lives could have been saved had the victims been able to carry weapons.

“Please Stop Helping Us,” reads the title of a 2014 book by black author Jason Riley. This plea could be uttered to the black race hustlers and white liberals who hamper policing with “racial profiling” propaganda, a move that has helped many blacks — into graves.

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