Many churches are waking up to their vulnerability after the Texas church shooting, and more members are carrying concealed in churches and being trained how to respond to violent attackers.

Ex-child star Corey Feldman has long maintained that the pedophiles in Hollywood “are everywhere, like vultures” and says that he himself was molested by them in the 1980s. Now he has finally named two of the alleged culprits; he also says that there’s a certain powerful “A-lister” who, behaving like a mafia don, threatens the lives of those who would talk.

The Department of Homeland Security told a congressional committee that TSA security screenings failed to detect weapons or explosive materials more than half the time.

The fullest expression of the Second Amendment includes that part about "bearing" arms, and Americans are flocking to classes about what to do if there is an active shooter.

Three Nevada residents are suing their own state in an attempt to force it to implement a new law that requires federal background checks on private gun sales.

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