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Obama Deepens U.S. Support for Syrian Rebels with Secret Order

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Even as the United Nations and human rights groups warn that the Western-backed jihadist rebels are committing war crimes and slaughtering Christians in Syria, reports indicate that President Obama has signed a secret order purporting to authorize even more “covert” U.S. government support to the armed opposition. Multiple establishment press outlets reported the latest development citing official sources, indicating that the administration likely released the news for a purpose.

According to media reports, Obama’s latest secret “intelligence” order claims to grant the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and other U.S. government agencies even broader latitude in supporting the “revolutionaries.” But Western governments, brutal Sunni-Arab dictatorships, an assortment of terror groups including al-Qaeda, and other powerful interests have all been backing the uprising since long before violence even broke out last year.

More recently, investigations into the leadership of the Syrian National Council (SNC), the main “opposition” umbrella group, showed that it has deep ties to the secretive Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, Goldman Sachs, billionaire financier George Soros, and other key establishment figures. The radical big government-promoting Islamist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood is also a key player within the SNC.

The apparent goal of Obama’s latest unconstitutional so-called “finding” claiming to approve deepening American involvement in the war, as with the administration’s previous secret order backing the al-Qaeda-linked rebels fighting Gadhafi, is the acceleration of the “regime change” mission. And as in Libya, analysts say innocent civilians will pay the price for the establishment’s latest bloodbath in its effort to oust Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad.

"Syrian opposition forces increasingly match the Assad regime's disdain for the lives and liberty of the Syrian people, especially Christians and other non-Sunnis, who constitute about 25 percent of Syria's population," noted Dr. John Eibner, CEO of the Christian Solidarity International-USA. “Meanwhile, al-Qaida and related terrorist groups vie with other Sunni-supremacist forces in the Free Syrian Army and Syrian National Council for leadership in the war against the regime.”

As The New American has reported previously, the minority Christian population — which found one of its final Middle East refuges in Syria under the secular regime, and so has largely been neutral or even supportive of Assad — is essentially being exterminated in what analysts have called “ethnic cleansing.” Countless reports of torture, execution, rape, and other atrocities against minorities in Syria perpetrated by the U.S. government-backed rebels continue to emerge.

Much of the war propaganda surrounding the Syrian conflict has already imploded, with multiple “civilian massacres” allegedly perpetrated by the Assad regime later shown to have been exaggerated, false, or perpetrated by the rebels themselves to be blamed on the military. The establishment press and top Western officials — especially U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — have repeatedly been left with egg on their faces after parroting anonymous “activist” claims that subsequently collapsed.

Russian officials have even accused the Obama administration of supporting terrorism in Syria, where the ruling regime has long been on good terms with the Russian government. The Assad dictatorship, meanwhile, has said from the start that it was being attacked by a foreign “conspiracy” using vicious mercenaries and Islamic terrorists.

Despite those claims originally being dismissed by the Western establishment, most of the media has since admitted that the rebellion essentially is a foreign-backed plot using jihadists on the ground to overthrow the reigning dictatorship. Foreign governments have for months admitted that they were supporting the rebels, too. And it is well known that the support goes back for years.

The brutal Assad regime, however, has vowed to crush the opposition if it continues. Thousands have died on both sides of the conflict already, and more bloodshed is expected as the military tries to expel rebels from vast areas of the country.

Perhaps ironically, after the original effort by the establishment press to paint the heavily armed, Western-backed rebels as peaceful “democracy” activists crumbled, war proponents have since suggested that international military intervention might be needed under the guise of ensuring that al-Qaeda does not seize power. However, analysts say that excuse is simply another half-baked ruse to justify more war.

It was not immediately clear when Obama signed the latest unconstitutional order, but media reports suggested it was some time in the last few months. Observers said it was part of a gradual shift in terms of the administration’s public positions — gradually backing the rebels more and more openly, possibly leading to an all-out war, or even a regional conflagration involving Iran and other big powers.

While the Obama administration continues to claim that it will not offer its Islamist proxies in Syria any heavy weaponry until after the election, numerous sources have confirmed that the U.S. government is at least facilitating mass weapons transfers to the rebels from across the border in Turkey. Intelligence is also being supplied, authorities admit. Additionally, multiple reports in recent days, citing officials, indicate that U.S. troops may be amassing just across the border. Those claims could not be independently verified.

This week, the U.S. State Department pledged close to $100 million in American taxpayer funds for Syria including some $25 million to supply the jihadist rebels on the ground. The rest will supposedly go to “humanitarian” aid, officials claimed.

"The $25 million dollar number actually is the number we're working from," State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell said during a news briefing. "I don't have the exact number of the money that has been has been spent ... but the bottom line is we've already spent millions of dollars of this $25 million dollar pot and will continue as the requests come in."

It was not immediately clear where in the Constitution the administration thought it found permission to pledge taxpayer money or participate in overthrowing foreign governments. When lawmakers raised questions about Obama’s unconstitutional war on Libya, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lawlessly vowed that the administration would ignore Congress and wage the war anyway.

Even before armed conflict broke out in Syria over a year ago, American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks showed that the U.S. government had been funneling millions of tax dollars to opposition forces. E-mails released by the transparency group more recently also indicated that the U.S. government was planning to direct a campaign of terror and assassination within Syria aimed at bringing down the regime.

But before deciding that Assad had to go, the Syrian regime was helping the U.S. government’s “terror war” by torturing prisoners on behalf of American authorities. In Libya, the situation was similar: Gadhafi had been an ally of the U.S. government in its efforts to quash certain extreme Islamist elements like the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, but suddenly, the al-Qaeda leaders found themselves fighting alongside U.S. forces to topple the Libyan dictatorship.

Experts remain divided about how long the Syrian conflict could endure. Some say years. Just a few weeks ago, a bombing in Damascus — both an Islamist terror group and the rebel “Free Syrian Army” claimed responsibility — killed several top officials including the Defense Minister. However, the regime quickly recovered and vowed to redouble its efforts to smash the foreign-backed insurgency.

"This cowardly terrorist act will not deter our men in the armed forces from continuing their sacred mission of pursuing the remnants of these armed terrorist criminal gangs," said the new defense chief Fahad Jassim al-Freij after the deadly attack. "They will cut off the arm that extends to harm the security of the nation and the people."

Media reports indicate that intense fighting between the brutal Syrian regime and its equally brutal Western-backed opponents has been raging in the capital and other key commercial centers like the city of Aleppo. Both sides have been touting their alleged success, but it remains unclear who currently holds the upper hand. Thousands of innocent civilians, meanwhile, are dying in the crossfire.

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