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Obama to Host North American Summit on “Security,” Global Warming

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Building on years of largely secretive “integration” efforts between the governments of Mexico, the United States, and Canada, the White House announced that President Obama would be hosting this year’s “North American Leaders’ Summit” in Hawaii on November 13.

The annual summits, which began in 2005, were originally held under the banner of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.” Critics have blasted the meetings, pointing out that much of the continental integration comes at the expense of national sovereignty.

But like in Europe, the trend appears to be heading in the direction of what analysts call a “North American Union.” And despite fierce opposition, the three governments have marched ahead anyway.

As usual, official pronouncements offered only vague hints about what topics might be on the agenda for this year's meeting. But in addition to the now-infamous “security” and “prosperity” platitudes, cooperation on tackling the discredited issue of human-driven “global warming” will also be high on the to-do list.

“The meeting will build on wide-ranging, on-going cooperation among the United States, Canada, and Mexico with a particular focus on competitiveness, citizen security, energy and climate change, and North America’s role in the Americas as well as in global economic, political, and security issues,” the White House said in a press release announcing the summit.

According to news reports, the gathering will also deal with the so-called North American “security perimeter.” The scheme, discussed earlier this year, would emphasize continental boundaries and supranational cooperation while diminishing the role of national borders.

A biometric identification system would be used to track North Americans as part of the plan, too — one of many facets that have been heavily criticized. Analysts speculated that the finalized “Beyond the Border” deal might be announced at this year’s summit.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is also expected to lobby for U.S. government approval of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, various media outlets reported. Obama has been delaying the project for years under the guise of environmental concerns.

As The New American reported in December, sub-national governments in all three nations have been cooperating on so-called “cap-and-trade” schemes. Based on debunked theories about the effects of man-made carbon dioxide, the unconstitutional partnerships between American and Mexican states and Canadian provinces aim to increase the cost of energy to reduce CO2 emissions. The three national governments are expected to treat energy and global warming as a high-priority issue at this year’s summit.

Cooperation in the alleged battle against Mexican drug cartels is also expected to be near the top of the trilateral agenda — especially after the Obama administration was caught illegally arming the criminal organizations. Law enforcement officers on both sides of the border have been murdered with high-powered weapons supplied by the U.S. government through the ATF. And the scandal continues to grow.

Mexican officials expressed outrage about the gun-running scheme, known as Fast and Furious, after whistleblowers brought it to light in Congress. But some analysts said Mexico’s government was probably well aware of the program, at least senior officials.

Drug war-related violence, which has claimed more than 40,000 lives south of the border in recent years, is regularly used to promote further North American integration. But despite tens of millions in U.S. taxpayer money and ever-greater “cooperation," so far, the chaos shows no signs of letting up.

Another sticking point between the U.S. and Mexican governments — the NAFTA-initiated scheme to allow Mexican trucks on American highways — might be coming to an end as Mexican trucks began crossing the border last month. Critics of the program, however, have not given up on trying to halt it.

The last “North American Leaders’ Summit” (pictured above) was hosted by Mexican President Felipe Calderon in Guadalajara, Mexico. And even though the gatherings normally take place every year, in 2010, a “North American Foreign Ministers Meeting” was held instead.

“Many of these challenges require a North American solution,” the Canadian Foreign Minister claimed after meeting with his Mexican and U.S. counterparts before the last summit. And indeed — when supposed “solutions” are not advocated at the global level — that is exactly what is going on.

Most of the integration work has been done in the shadows without participation from citizens or national legislatures. But like with the European Union, the groundwork was laid with “Free Trade” agreements. NAFTA, of course, has been the key foundation for the ongoing merger — setting up supranational courts, regulations, and a framework to build on.

But over the years, cooperation between the three governments has accelerated dramatically under both Republican and Democrat administrations. And it has expanded well beyond trade to every conceivable sphere — health, terror, intelligence, security, law enforcement, fraud, and countless other fields where even the U.S. government does not have constitutional authority to get involved.

As reported by The New American in May, a secret 2005 U.S. embassy cable from Ottawa outlined much of the shadowy plan — as well as the best strategies to promote it. Eventually integration advocates hope to create a common currency, a North American legislature, and, as the Council on Foreign Relations put it, a true continental “Community.”

But resistance has been fierce — particularly among Canadians. American critics of the ongoing merger including The John Birch Society and other organizations have also been sounding the alarm for years.

“The European Union has effectively destroyed the independence of its 27 member nations. The plan to create what critics have dubbed a North American Union (NAU) is a huge step toward accomplishing for our nation and its neighbors what the EU has done in Europe,” John Birch Society President John F. McManus told The New American earlier this year. “If successful, the promoters of the NAU will cancel the U.S. Declaration of Independence and bore a huge hole in the U.S. Constitution. This must not be permitted.”

This year’s North American integration summit between the three national rulers will take place right after the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation gathering, which will also be held in Hawaii. The Mexican and Canadian governments will participate in the Asia-Pacific meeting, too.

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Photo: Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, left, and Mexico's President Felipe Calderon met with President Obama (out of picture) in Guadalajara, Mexico, Aug. 10, 2009: AP Images

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