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The NBA’s KGB Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov: Next President of Russia?

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Mikhail Prokorov (shown) may not yet be a household name in America, but he is quickly becoming one. The 47-year-old Russian billionaire playboy received a big boost in that direction with a March 25 adulatory cover story provided courtesy of Forbes magazine. The most flamboyant and best-known of Russia’s super-rich oligarchs, Prokhorov has already established his presence in the U.S. sports world as owner of the Brooklyn Nets (formerly the New Jersey Nets) NBA franchise. For the past several years he has courted the media, Wall Street, and pop celebrities. He has taken on hip-hop mogul Jay-Z as a minority share partner in the Nets and can count the famous rapper and his wife, superstar Beyonce, in his entourage. 

Prokhorov, a 6-foot-8-inch extreme athlete, is the owner of two opulent super yachts, one of which, the Solemar, cost a reported $45 million. When he’s in New York, he stays in the penthouse suite atop the Four Seasons Hotel. Price: $35,000 per night. This is the kind of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous stuff that is irresistible to the paparazzi and the celebrity-chasing media. However, none of the investigative reporters or editorialists of the supposedly serious MSM or alternative media has bothered to do any in-depth checkup on this “charming” tycoon who is taking America by storm and is touted as a top contender to be the next president of Russia.

“We are in the process of building a real, strong, powerful party called the Civic Platform. That’s what I do all day,” says Prokhorov in the Forbes cover story by Ukrainian journalist Katya Soldak. 

Prokhorov made a trial run for the presidency in 2012, even though it was a foregone conclusion that Vladimir Putin had an iron-clad lock on the completely controlled game. While the youthful magnate postures as “the alternative” to the oppressive Putin regime, he is close to Putin and is clearly an instrument of the KGB/FSB that controls Russia’s political and economic destiny. As we reported in 2009, (“Dangerous Connections: NBA and the KGB”) Prokhorov and his fellow Russian oligarchs “did not become billionaires virtually overnight because of their business acumen and financial genius. They were provided with special privileges and massive state assets to serve a strategic political agenda.”

They have been entrusted, as we noted, with “The Party’s Gold,” and must use it according to the dictates of the Kremlin or end up dead or in jail, like many of his erstwhile high-rolling oligarch confrères. 

Putin’s Protégé

Following Putin’s 2012 election, we wrote

Mr. Prokhorov is playing an important role in a long-running Kremlin-directed strategy for economic and political “convergence” with the West — but on Marxist-Leninist terms. A major part of that strategy involves penetration, compromise, and co-opting of Western banking and financial institutions. In testimony before the House Committee on Banking and Financial Services, on September 21, 1999, Richard L. Palmer, president of Cachet International, Inc., presented considerable detailed evidence of a long-term plan begun by the Soviet KGB in the 1980s (as part of Gorbachev’s Perestroika) and continued by the successor Russian FSB, to use billions of dollars in Soviet/Russian assets to effect this economic convergence. Mr. Putin, of course, is the key transition individual in this scheme, bridging the Soviet KGB/Russian FSB changeover, as well as the changeover from the rule by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to the new rule by Putin’s United Russia Party. 

We noted further: 

Mr. Prokhorov is also a key transition individual and will likely play an increasingly important role both in Russian politics and in the Kremlin’s convergence strategy with the United States and the European Union. A member of the Komsomol and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Prokhorov was made chairman of the Onexim Bank while only in his mid twenties. Onexim Bank is one of the Russian banks mentioned by Mr. Palmer in his testimony referenced above concerning the joint KGB-Politburo-Russian Mafiya effort to subvert and co-opt our financial system. Through Onexim Bank, Prokhorov was one of the few privileged Communist Party members who was allowed to participate in the phony “privatization” of Russia’s government-controlled natural resources, mines, transportation, telecommunications, banking, energy, etc. 

Onexim Bank, Onexim Group, and now Prokhorov’s Onexim Sports and Entertainment, are serving as launchpads for his ascendance as the next Kremlin-designated “convergence” candidate who will further meld the United States and Russia — economically, socially, and politically.

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Photo of Mikhail Prokorov: AP Images

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