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Real Collusion: CFR Globalists/Communist China Vs. Trump

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Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Edward Alden, along with Henry Paulson, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Robert Zoellick, and other CFR heavyweights, have been huddling with China’s top communist leaders. It appears they are developing a joint fight-back plan against President Donald Trump.


Edward Alden, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and one of the globalist organization’s top trade experts, is a harsh and influential critic of President Donald Trump’s tariff and trade policies, especially when they concern China. One of his recent blasts, an op-ed for the New York Daily News, is entitled “Who will walk Trump back from this trade war? The President doesn't care about the damage he's doing, but others must.”

He opens the column with this broadside that casts the president as a mindless Godzilla destroying global civilization: “In just a few weeks, President Trump has destroyed a system of global trade rules that over the past 75 years brought unprecedented peace and prosperity to most of the world, including the United States. With his threat to levy punitive tariffs on an additional $100 billion in Chinese imports, and China’s vow to fight the United States ‘at any cost,’ the world is now on the verge of the worst trade war since the 1930s.”

Alden calls on the powers that be in the political and business realms to rein in this supposed monster run amok. “The President has no interest in history, but for those who may be in a position to block this self-inflicted wound — members of Congress, the nation’s governors, powerful business interests — a quick refresher is in order,” he avers. Alden then launches into a brief globalist rendition of post-World War II history, beginning with the 1947 speech by President Harry Truman calling for a new system of global trade rules, which would augment the powers and reach of the United Nations, created two years before, in 1945. This was necessary, said Truman, to avoid “economic war” in which “nobody wins.”

“There had been some hope,” says Alden, “that Trump, for all his bluster, had some sense of this danger, or that at least his senior economic officials would restrain him.” The CFR double-dome admits (he can’t credibly do otherwise) that our trade problems with China “are serious and in need of a firm response.” Really? Yes, he goes on to say, “The world waited too long to tackle these problems with the urgency they deserved. Some sanctions may be necessary now to persuade China to respond seriously.”

Incredible! As a loyal CFR servitor, Alden represents the organization that, more than any other, has been responsible for setting up and sustaining the pro-Communist China policies of the last four decades that have transformed the People’s Republic of China from a pathetically backward Third World nation into a modern, totalitarian, globe-straddling hegemon. It was not that “the world waited too long to tackle these problems.” The real issue here is that it was the economic and foreign policy elite of CFR members in government, business, academia, and the media — the CFR “brain trust” — that repeatedly stopped the world from tackling these problems, and constantly provided arguments for accelerating on the same suicidal course. (See, for example, herehereand here.)

As we have reported previously, Alden, for years, has been one of the chief propagandists for the very policies and inaction that he now conveniently blames on “the world.” As just one of many examples, we can point to his February 10, 2012 CFR blog post entitled “Attracting Chinese Investment: Here's Where to Start.” In that blog entry, Alden wrote that “the United States needs to start by making it clear that this country actively wants and will encourage Chinese investment, and by working with China to eliminate misperceptions and clear away unnecessary obstacles where they exist.” This particular Alden piece was written as a promo for another official CFR report, entitled  Policy Innovation Memorandum No. 13: Fostering Greater Chinese Investment in the United States, written by Wall Street insider (and CFR member) David Marchick, then-managing director of the Carlyle Group, one of the investment  behemoths that, for years, have been leading the charge for greater “convergence” with China. (Billionaire Wall Streeter David M. Rubenstein, a co-founder and current managing director of the Carlyle Group, is also a longtime member, director, and funder of the CFR, and is its current chairman of the board.)

Following on with his attempt to strike a posture of reasonableness, Alden says, in his New York Daily News piece cited above, “Some sanctions may be necessary now to persuade China to respond seriously.” However, he then attacks the first credible sanctions that have been directed at China. He charges: “But with Trump’s impulsive threat to penalize another $100 billion in imports on top of $50 billion already threatened, the U.S. is now simply inviting economic conflict with China.”

Yes, according to Alden and the CFR cabal he serves, any genuine sanctions aimed at effecting real change vis-à-vis our trade relations with China is a dangerous step toward Armageddon. What credible sanctions have Alden and the CFR-Wall Street globalist coterie ever proposed or supported? Answer: None. And is $150 billion in tariffs and sanctions really all that severe that it should cause such heart palpitations among the establishment Insiders? Hardly. As President Trump tweeted on April 4:

We are not in a trade war with China, that war was lost many years ago by the foolish, or incompetent, people who represented the U.S. Now we have a Trade Deficit of $500 Billion a year, with Intellectual Property Theft of another $300 Billion. We cannot let this continue!

Indeed, the argument can be made that President Trump’s opening salvo regarding China should be just that: only the beginning of a major reversal of our past suicidal policies. We still have very much further to go. However, every step of attempted reversal will be fought tooth and claw by the Communist China Lobby globalists at the CFR and their think tank-media-Wall Street confreres.

The fact is that since Henry Kissinger made his secret trip to China in 1971 to set up the Nixon-China accord, the Council on Foreign Relations has been the leading force pushing for massive buildup of that communist regime, with enormous transfers of capital and technology from the United States. Kissinger has been a CFR member since 1956. He is a longtime director of the organization and its most famous foreign policy doyen. At the time of his surreptitious diplomacy with Communist China, he was President Nixon’s national security advisor. He was aided in that effort by his assistant, Winston Lord (a CFR member), who was rewarded by being named president of the CFR, as well as ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, and assistant secretary of state for East Asia.

The Kissinger-Lord China “diplomacy” is commonly held to have been conducted at the behest of President Nixon. In truth, both Nixon and Kissinger were operating at the behest of globalist banker David Rockefeller, who was then chairman of the board of the CFR. Rockefeller, who had friendly relations and business dealings with many communist regimes (and funded many domestic communist agitator groups), put his imprimatur on the Nixon-China deal. Rockefeller, the “capitalist” nonpareil, grotesquely praised the mass-murdering communist dictator Mao Zedong in the New York Times in 1973, claiming: “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.” Mao’s “social experiment” was, arguably, the most villainous in history, resulting in the wanton murder (often in the most brutal fashion) of tens of millions of Chinese and the torture, imprisonment, and/or enslavement of hundreds of millions more. Successful? Yes, but only if one considers attaining absolute, tyrannical, bloodthirsty power a roaring “success.”

Rockefeller and his fellow one-world elites have indeed achieved phenomenal worldly success, as measured in increased wealth and power, as a result of hitching their stars to Mao’s homicidal regime. David Rockefeller and most of the rest of his generation have passed on to their eternal rewards (or, more likely, eternal punishments), but their earthly successors continue their globalist pursuits unabated. It is they to whom Edward Alden is appealing to “walk the President back” from his present course regarding China.

“The question now,” Alden poses in his op-ed, “is who can walk the President back?” He discounts as unlikely that Congress will step up to the task. He pins his hopes on “U.S. business” and “farmers in the country’s heartland, who will be the first targeted by Chinese retaliation.” These forces “must make their voices heard,” he insists. That is why you have been seeing and hearing so many stories in the CFR-dominated “mainstream media” about opposition from the farm and business lobbies to President Trump’s China tariff proposals.

The Cozy Globalist-Communist Cabal

However, the establishment elites have never cared what mom-and-pop businesses or family farmers think. In fact, the Big Government Wall Street plutocrats are, and ever have been, hostile to Main Street and to the “bourgeois” values of middle-class America. They are more than happy, though, to co-opt and exploit the fears and frustrations of the farm-and-business bourgeoisie for their own purposes, as they are now doing.

In one of his recent CFR blog posts, Alden, who is clearly one of the globalist establishment’s leading voices vis-à-vis Trump and China, reveals (slightly) what is really at work here. He remarks, in his March 22 post, entitled “The Trump Tariffs on China: A Perilous Moment,” that, “Having just spent the past several days in China speaking with think tank counterparts there, I have three observations.” First, allow us to dispose of his three observations, which simply amount to recommendations for jawboning with Beijing and extracting more promises that past experience shows they will break with impunity — and certainty. What is most noteworthy is that the “think tank counterparts” he engaged with in China are all run by and supervised by the Chinese Communist Party. Moreover, Alden makes these remarks immediately following the close of the National Peoples’ Congress in Beijing, which, as we reported, had just voted to enthrone “President Xi Jinping as China’s undisputed Paramount Leader, with more far-reaching powers than any Chinese ruler since Mao Zedong.” Yet, the CFR’s Alden is apparently undisturbed by this open turn toward Maoist totalitarianisn and says we should treat seriously the promises of his communist comrades in China. 

Alden is not an outlier on this matter; he represents the norm among the globalist aristocracy. An April 12 New York Times story, “Is Trump Serious About a Trade War? China’s Leaders Hunt for Answers,” provides an eye-opening window into the alarming “convergence” among the capitalist and communist elites of the United States and China. Vice President Wang Qishan, Politburo member Liu He, and other top communist Chinese officials have been huddling with top U.S. business, banking, and political leaders to determine how to respond to Trump’s trade moves. The list of U.S. leaders they are meeting is predictable, but impressive, nonetheless. According to the Times report, it includes: former Treasury Secretaries Timothy Geithner (CFR), Henry M. Paulson, Jr. (CFR), Lawrence Summers (CFR), former U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick (CFR), former Defense Secretary William S. Cohen (CFR), JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon (CFR), Blackstone Group CEO Stephen Schwarzman (CFR), and more. From current reports coming out, as well as the huge intertwining empires that these top elites have been building over the past couple of decades, we have very good reason to believe that they view President Trump’s tariff moves with regard to China as an existential threat to their “new world order.”

As we will show further in follow-up reports, the ruling CFR cryptocracy and their Deep State agents still operating in the U.S. government are forming a joint response with their communist Chinese counterparts to foil President Trump’s America First agenda. But, according to the Fake News media cartel, we’re not supposed to pay attention to this real, current conspiracy; we’re supposed to remain instead totally focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the faux Trump-Russia “collusion” story. Stay tuned.

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