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Socialist Venezuela Officially Takes Seat on UN Human Rights Council

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Venezuela, known for the mass poverty and oppression of its people under the socialist regime currently led by dictator Nicolas Maduro, took its recently won seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday, opening the UN to criticism.

Venezuela won a seat on the council on October amid sharp reproofs from the United States. The South American nation took its seat as the group begins its 43rd session, which runs through March 20.

Maduro rose to power as the successor to Hugo Chavez, the socialist leader with close ties to Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Maduro’s government has been marked by massive economic ruin that led the United States to recognize another political figure, national assemblyman Juan Guiado, as the acting president of Venezuela.

Speaking to the UN General Assembly, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called the four million people who have fled Venezuela “one of the largest displacements in the world.”

At September’s UN General Assembly, President Trump cited the Human Rights Council’s own report that detailed how “women in Venezuela stand in line for 10 hours every day waiting for food, over 15,000 people have been detained as political prisoners, modern day death squads are carrying out thousands of extrajudicial killings.”

But Venezuela’s election to the body was not the only controversial pick. Other countries with bleak human rights records now sitting in the council include China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia.

At the timeof Venezuela's pick, UN Ambassador Kelly Craft called the vote “an embarrassment to the United Nations and a tragedy for the people of Venezuela.”

In fact, the high number of human rights abusers on the council prompted President Trump to pull the United States out of it in 2018. Diplomats from other countries have called for rule changes on who is eligible to form part of the council.

Nikki Haley, the former UN ambassador who oversaw the U.S. departure from the Human Rights Council, called the addition of Venezuela “shameful.” “Shameful that Venezuela's corrupt socialist regime — one of the world's worst human rights abusers — will take its seat on the so-called Human Rights Council today,” Haley wrote on Twitter. She also called for support in removing Maduro from office.

“In 2017 alone, the average adult had lost 24 pounds. They are digging through trash and killing zoo animals for food, they are without medicine. Yet today they take their seat on the Human Rights Council,” Haley continued in a video. “This is the reason the U.S. got out of it, this is the reason that we’ll continue to fight it.”

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon was critical of Venezuela’s election the council, arguing last year that it proved the body has lost its way. “The Human Rights Council continues to abandon human rights and is now in the business of protecting dictators and war crimes,” Danon said.

Human rights groups have also been critical. Anne Bayefsky, director of Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust, said the news was a “clear cut validation of the Trump administration's decision to get off the Council, to withhold funding, and to refuse to legitimize it.”

While there are certainly grounds for outrage, it is far from surprising that a socialist dictatorship such as Venezuela has been given a prominent human rights spot in the United Nations. Socialists dominate the UN, including the Human Rights Council.

The council’s secretariat is Human Rights Commissioner Michele Bachelet, the former president of Chile. Bachelet is a Chilean Socialist Party bigwig and close ally of Fidel Castro. Bachelet’s party is a member of the dangerous Latin American network of communists and terrorists known as the Sao Paulo Forum, founded by Castro, along with the infamous mass murdering Sandinistas of Nicaragua, the narco-terrorist group FARC of Columbia, and disgraced former Brazilian President Luis Inacio da Silva of the Workers Party.

And then there’s UN Chief Antonio Guterres himself. The Portuguese politician and bureaucrat was actually president of the Socialist International from 1999 to 2005. The Socialist International (SI) is the global alliance of the world’s communist and socialist political parties.

As TNA writer Alex Newman has noted about SI’s extremism:

To understand just how extreme Socialist International is, consider that, in 2012, the alliance unapologetically held its annual Congress in an African nation led by a Marxist-Leninist member political party that, according to leading genocide experts, was at that very moment engaged in the planning and preparation phase of genocide in a bid to exterminate an embattled minority group. Earlier that year, the president and party chief who hosted the SI Congress even went on national television to sing songs in front of his military about massacring members of the minority group with his machine gun. SI profusely praised its hosts nonetheless.

The UN was founded by socialists, including socialist subversives from the United States. For example, Alger Hiss, the American Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, was a Soviet Spy who helped leak government intelligence to the U.S.S.R. during his time in federal service.

President Trump was right to get America out of the Human Rights Council, as well as UNESCO. But it’s past time for our country to cut the cord completely and pull out of the United Nations altogether.

Luis Miguel is a writer whose journalistic endeavors shed light on the Deep State, the immigration crisis, and the enemies of freedom. Follow his exploits on FacebookTwitterBitchute, and at

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