Obama at PentagonPresident Obama made a solemn and mostly non-political speech on the anniversary of the September 11 bombings that will have politicos guessing about his policies in Iraq and Afghanistan for weeks to come. “Let us renew our resolve against those who perpetrated this barbaric act and who plot against us still,” Obama told an audience in front of the Pentagon memorializing the attacks of September 11, adding that “in pursuit of al Qaeda and its extremist allies, we will never falter.”

Adm. MullenPresident Barack Obama’s top advisers differ on what course of action to take with the war in Afghanistan, the New York Times reported on September 3.

U.S. soldier in IraqThe Army Times is reporting that a congressional study has once again discovered the obvious: pulling out of Iraq will save money. “A speedier withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan would shave $1.1 trillion off the budget in the next decade, a new congressional budget projection says.”

ObamaThe election of Barack Obama to the Presidency has highlighted the foreign policy double standard that the activists on the left end of the political spectrum have exhibited, or should one say not exhibited, towards the President's war-centric foreign policy.

US military in AfghanistanThe Obama administration has declared an end to the “war on terror,” which undoubtedly scares the neocons as much it warms the hearts of those opposed to the war from the beginning. But opponents of the war shouldn’t light up the peace pipes just yet. The declaration doesn't mean much of anything.

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