A UN criminal court is a dangerous idea in the making.

A blatant propaganda campaign is underway in the Council on Foreign Relations-dominated major media aimed at convincing Americans that "Islamic fundamentalism" is the new global threat we must prepare to battle. According to the managers of public opinion, the new Muslim threat is not only more sinister than any residual communist menace, but is probably more dangerous than communism ever was.

Bush administration apologists have called their efforts a misguided attempt to moderate Saddam Hussein's behavior. In truth, they constructed a monster that was then used to justify the war for a new world order.

Boeing 747Eight years after the downing of Korean Air Lines Flight 007 by the Soviets on September 1, 1983, the most important questions about the incident remain unanswered. The most widely accepted view is that the airliner was indeed blown up, after which it plummeted into the Sea of Japan, killing all 269 persons (including 61 Americans) on board. But the main wreckage was not found, and no bodies positively identified as having been aboard Flight 007 were ever recovered.

The unprecedented coverage of Nelson and Winnie Mandela's New York City tour displayed the power of the mass media and showed that it can be used to promote progressive causes.
--People's Daily World, June 30th

There are not many true statements to be found in the pages of the U.S. Communist Party's official newspaper; but, given that in the communist lexicon "progressive" always has been synonymous with "socialist/communist," perhaps no truer statement has been written concerning the recent Mandela media orgy.

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