As Donald Trump's national security advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn won't flinch from giving Trump the unvarnished truth about Islamist terror threats to the United States.

A hotel and apartment complex in Kabul, Afghanistan, remain unfinished and abandoned years after the developers got $85 million in loans from a U.S. agency, an inspector general's report reveals.

Globalists are warning President-elect Donald Trump to break his campaign promise to abandon the Paris Agreement on Global Climate Change, insisting that Obama's commitment to the pact is "irreversible." But it is not.



With globalists facing a series of devastating defeats and mounting global outrage over their agenda, Obama complained that President-elect Donald Trump “tapped into” what he called a “troubling” strain of public opinion that threatens to unleash war, genocide, and death. Obama's divisive comments acknowledging but then dismissing Americans' rejection of the globalist assault on self-government and nationhood were made in Athens, Greece, during his final official trip abroad. The misleading remarks confirm that, despite escalating public fury worldwide as expressed in Brexit and Trump's election, the globalist establishment is not ready to surrender its radical internationalist agenda just yet.

How Donald Trump handles the dismantling of the Iran nuclear deal will tell much about his new administration.

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