The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), passed in 2001 after the September 11 attacks, has been been abused by three presidents to justify more than three dozen military interventions in some 20 nations. Now, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say that is more than enough. Republican and Democratic members of Congress are demanding a serious debate on Capitol Hill about whether these wars — especially the 16-year-old fiasco in Afghanistan — should continue to devour American lives and treasure. And even if the American people's elected representatives do decide that the seemingly never-ending wars should go on, it is time for more congressional oversight and a proper declaration of war, as required by the U.S. Constitution, lawmakers said.

President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte met in Manila on November 13 “to discuss a broad range of shared interests and priorities.”

At a press event with South Korea’s President Moon, President Trump invited North Korea’s leaders “to come to the table and to make a deal that’s good for the people.”

If Senator Cruz truly has a "passion" for national sovereignty, then he needs to reverse his support for NAFTA.

Among the files related to the JFK assassination that were recently released was a memo with the subject line: “Consequences of US Military Intervention in Cuba.”

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