Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel will release a Pentagon budget Monday calling for reduction in the number of U.S. Army personnel and new lower limits on military pay.

President Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators are set to receive big money bonuses from banks.

The Obama administration is mulling the legal issues of sending a drone to kill an American allegedly working with al-Qaeda in Pakistan.

The Washington Post cites an unnamed U.S. official claiming that the Obama administration has committed to reducing the number of drone strikes in Pakistan.

As uncertainty grows surrounding a radical and deeply controversial addition to the sprawling U.S. tax regime, the Obama administration is now reportedly in negotiations with Moscow to share financial information with Vladimir Putin’s Russian government. The U.S. Treasury’s effort to secure a pseudo-treaty on data exchange with the Kremlin is part of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA, a scheme passed in 2010 aiming to obliterate privacy worldwide under the supposed guise of collecting about an extra billion dollars per year in revenue.

If approved, the unconstitutional bilateral agreement would represent a major victory for Putin, a KGB man widely criticized around the world for operating what opponents refer to as a “gangster” regime.

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