The Pentagon has begun hiring civilians to pilot drones used in the assault on ISIS.

The USS Firebolt, a 174-foot-long coastal patrol boat based at NSA in Manama, Bahrain, became involved in an encounter with seven Iranian Republican Guard Corps Navy (IRGCN) fast-attack boats (FIACs) in international waters in the Persian Gulf on September 4. 

Hundreds of American and British prisoners of war held captive by North Korea at the time of the Korean Armistice Agreement in 1953 that ended hostilities were never released and likely suffered years of inhumane treatment in POW camps.

The Obama administration denies they paid money to Iran in exchange for hostages. In typical doublespeak, they argue they obtained hostages in exchange for money, and it really wasn't ransom.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered a policy speech in Youngstown, Ohio, on August 15, in which he focused on immigration and terrorism, as well as foreign policy. Trump prefaced his speech by saying: “Today we begin a conversation about how to Make America Safe Again.”

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