Ambassador to Mexico Roberta Jacobson will leave her post on May 5, and President Trump’s choice to succeed her reportedly is the former CEO of GM, Edward Whitacre.

The joint military exercise conducted by the United States and South Korea, which were postponed by the Olympics, are planned to continue once the games are completed.

The Trump administration's proposed 2019 fiscal year budget calls for significant cuts to U.S. taxpayer funding of the United Nations and some of its most anti-American, anti-freedom agencies and programs. A number of controversial UN outfits would lose all U.S. tax money. Overall, though, the proposal would cut just a third of the “International Affairs Budget,” which funds foreign aid, diplomacy, and international organizations such as the UN. Globalists and pro-UN liberals were outraged by the proposal, suggesting that Republican leaders in Congress should refuse the cuts. But grassroots conservatives and leaders suggested that steeper cuts or even a full U.S. withdrawal from the UN would be a better way to advance Trump's publicly articulated “America First” agenda.

At one time, “colluding with the Russians” was a mark of honor among many on the American Left.

The U.S. State Department is offering a grant of nearly $600,000 to study gender roles in Kenya so as to prevent radicalization.

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