In his speech at the NATO headquarters in Brussels Thursday, President Donald Trump seized the opportunity to publicly call out the member nations that are “not paying what they should be paying and what they’re supposed to be paying for their defense.” But rather than dunning NATO members for what they owe, the president should be talking about the United States resigning from the club altogether.

The dictator-dominated United Nations is in a panic, claiming that it will be “impossible” for it to continue its allegedly “essential work” under budget cuts outlined in President Donald Trump's proposed budget for next year. While the proposed cuts to U.S. taxpayer funding of the UN are not quite the 50 percent rollbacks previously discussed by the administration, the savings could nevertheless play a significant role in reining in the out-of-control UN. All funding for UN “global warming” schemes, for instance, would be slashed. However, globalists in Congress and the establishment media are already howling, ensuring a battle ahead as the UN meddles more and more in U.S. affairs.

Senator Rand Paul will introduce a measure to vote on the $110 billion weapons sales agreement President Trump signed with Saudi Arabia during his recent visit there.

“Arab NATO”? President Trump links arms with Arab sponsors of Sunni-aligned terrorists, with the supposed aim of combatting Iran and its Shia-aligned terrorists.

Will Trump's Middle East trip lead to peaceful relations between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors?

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