At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Vice President Joe Biden said, “It is imperative that we act urgently to defend the liberal international order.”

Trump's view that NATO is "obsolete" may be concerning to globalist elites, but it is a position held for years by several notable figures.

Obama's warning about leaving the Iran nuclear deal in place may fall on deaf ears in the new administration.

In the wake of being called out by President-elect Trump as a "fake news" organization, CNN is still up to its old tricks. In a report following Trump's press conference, the liberal mainstream network went to great lengths to take Trump's words about Russian hacking out of context.

In a statement posted on the White House website on January 12, President Obama announced the ending of the “wet-foot/dry foot” policy, which allowed Cuban refugees who set foot on U.S. soil to be granted asylum and legal residency.

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