After a multi-million dollar lobbying campaign that unlawfully enlisted top members of the bipartisan U.S. political class, the Obama administration decided that the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MeK), an Islamo-Marxist terror cult notorious for murdering Americans, should no longer be on the State Department’s list of designated terrorist organizations. Experts say the decision paves the way to begin openly showering U.S. taxpayer money on the anti-American outfit in its bid to overthrow the Iranian regime.

Last Friday the Senate passed 90-1 to reject containment of a nuclear Iran. Senator Rand Paul considers passage of this resolution as a de facto declaration of war.

The New York Times has essentially become a “propaganda megaphone” to peddle the establishment’s narrative — especially when it comes to war — charged foreign correspondent Daniel Simpson, who resigned from the paper in disgust. According to Simpson, the paper, which is often lambasted and ridiculed by conservatives and libertarians for its blatant “liberal” bias, is actually just a propaganda tool for the ruling establishment.

Things are going so badly in the war in Afghanistan that even John McCain, one of the Senate's foremost hawks, has said an accelerated withdrawal of American forces has to be considered among the available options, the D.C. publication The Hill reported.

As U.S. troops suspended most joint operations with Afghan forces in response to the ongoing killings of American soldiers by the Afghan police and military personnel with whom they serve, a senior NATO officer said that the “insider” attacks were part of an attempt by the Taliban to drive a wedge between the two sides and to weaken the morale and resolve of “coalition” forces.

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