Donald Trump has joined the "grand tradition" of American presidents — dating back to Harry Truman — of slighting Taiwan's non-Communist government, in favor of the Communist regime on the mainland of China.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the administration is open to having direct talks with North Korea, if the agenda focuses on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Despite regularly ridiculing the United Nations and repeatedly proposing a scaled-back U.S. role in it, President Donald Trump struck a very different tone this week, calling for empowering the controversial UN dictators club to somehow “solve” the North Korea issue, Syria, and other problems. Speaking at a meeting of UN Security Council diplomats convened at the White House on Monday, Trump demanded that the UN be ready to impose new sanctions if Communist Chinese-backed North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un does not cooperate. Ironically, the dictatorship in Beijing — North Korea's strongest ally — holds a veto-wielding seat on the UN Security Council. But Trump indicated he wants that same global body to wield even more power. 

U.S. Navy ships are conducting simultaneous naval exercises with ships from the Republic of Korea and Japan on April 25 and 26.

North Korea’s state-run website Uriminzokkiri reported that the Pyongyang regime threatened to “bury [the USS Carl Vinson] at sea.”

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