With Blackstone Group’s new China pharmaceutical investment, Stephen Schwarzman not only helps Beijing’s “Made In China 2025” master plan for global technology dominance, but also threatens America’s drug supplies and national security.

Nary a day goes by when The Donald doesn’t send the Left into a foaming rage. Yesterday, when the president tweeted something the Left didn’t like after a segment on Tucker Carlson’s program, was typical.

A recent Defense Department report said that China poses a direct threat to U.S. territory, with China practicing long-range bombing runs against U.S. targets.

President Trump will impose a 50-percent tariff on steel imports from Turkey calling it “a significant step toward ensuring the viability of the domestic steel industry.” Turkey, of course, did not take this news lying down.

Could protests in Iran over economic issues lead to another Black Friday for Iranians, where the government lashes out and the people overthrow the government? 

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