“Passion governs, and she never governs wisely,” noted Benjamin Franklin — and she also influenced President Trump’s decision to bomb Syria. 

After the diversion of a U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group to waters off the Korean peninsula, the North Korean government warned of a nuclear attack on the United States.

President Donald Trump's attack on Syria last week was illegal and unconstitutional, legal experts and even many of his leading supporters argued, noting that the Constitution grants war powers to Congress and not the president. The attack was also contrary to Trump's own repeated pledges on the campaign trail to seek a constitutionally required declaration of war prior to launching military interventions abroad. In fact, Trump was a fierce critic of Obama's lawless and unconstitutional military machinations in Syria and the broader Middle East, which was among the key reasons so many Americans rallied behind his campaign. But now, the tables have apparently turned.  

Citing a chemical attack blamed on Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad that increasingly appears to be a “false flag,” President Donald Trump ordered military strikes on government targets in Syria. According to media reports, Trump launched more than 50 missiles at Assad's forces in Syria, backpedaling on repeated statements made during his presidential campaign. Because Congress has not declared war on Syria, multiple legal experts and lawmakers suggested the newly started war is illegal and unconstitutional. Former Trump supporters across America and worldwide were horrified by the news, suggesting the president had either been misled or co-opted by the “deep state.” Despite Trump's repeated calls for the United States to stay out of Syria over the years, regime change now appears to be the goal.

In the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the recent presidential election, much of the focus has been on the alleged connections between Russia and the Trump campaign. And since at least that part of the investigation is little more than a witch hunt, it has produced about as much evidence as one might expect: zero.


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