Following a chemical-weapons attack in Syria, President Trump blamed Syrian President Assad, but Defense Secretary Mattis said we are “still assessing the intelligence.”

Senator Tim Kaine says he’s “very concerned” that President Donald Trump will order military strikes against Syria while lacking the “legal authority to wage war.”

As establishment neoconservatives, liberals, and globalists all demand deeper U.S. involvement in Syria's establishment-fueled civil war, much of President Donald Trump's base continues to advocate a total withdrawal of U.S. military forces from the region. Meanwhile, Trump is considering all options for how to deal with Syria after the reported chemical weapons attack. But first, the president suggested he wanted to know what happened in the highly suspicious attack, which came not long after Trump suggested that American troops in Syria would soon be coming home.

VIDEO - In this video, The New American's correspondent Alex Newman highlights a recent vote in Congress that promotes the United Nations while pretending that America can continue to police the world. Under the guise of attacking the Iranian dictatorship, lawmakers urged the UN dictators club to take action. Just two members of Congress voted to uphold their oath of office by voting against this resolution. Alex also explains how America's Founding Fathers specifically advised against entangling alliances and going abroad seeking monsters to destroy--and that was before the U.S. government became the largest debtor in the history of humanity. It's time for Washington, D.C. to mind its own business and respect the Constitution.

Speaking to union members in Ohio about improving our nation’s infrastructure, President Trump stated: “We’ll be coming out of Syria … very soon."

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