Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson says models that projected a massive healthcare crisis were flawed and that the reality does not justify widespread lockdown measures.

Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen disclosed yesterday that the state’s health department has suggested attributing deaths to COVID-19 even without a confirmed diagnosis.

Alaska is the latest state to include abortions in its ban of non-essential medical procedures in an effort to conserve resources to help fight the coronavirus. Several other states have been leading this charge, and are now engaged in legal battles as abortion providers are claiming it is “essential” to terminate the unborn, even during a national crisis.

The Ford Motor Company is manufacturing clear plastic face shields for medical personnel and shipped its one millionth protective shield to New York City on April 4.

Data released from New York state show that the vast majority of Empire Staters who supposedly died from the Chinese Virus were elderly and had at least one underlying disease or condition.

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