A great healthcare debate is taking place in the United States over whether the country should fix its healthcare system by simply tweaking ObamaCare, as seems to be the case with the new GOP healthcare plan, dubbed the American Health Care Act, or whether a completely different plan needs to be tried, but first, Americans need to decide what goals they want a healthcare system to accomplish.

The Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare — has supporters because it offers subsidies and increased access to Medicaid, but there are good reasons why even most Democrats vilify it.

Many Americans wish the United States had a government-run healthcare system similar to England’s. But we already have two of them: the VA and the Indian Health Service.

Single-payer healthcare — such as Canada has — is sold with promises of low costs, abundant care, and high quality. But do the claims stack up to scrutiny?

With health insurance companies being the bane of Americans, it seems silly to suggest that the private sector play a role in fixing the healthcare system, but it must be done.

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