VIDEO - Michael Tennant discusses the problems that have been compounded in the healthcare industry due to government intervention and programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.
VIDEO - Contributor Michael Tennant discusses how government intervention in healthcare is creating a more complicated, inflated industry. He talks about methods that can be taken to get the government out of hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics.
VIDEO - In this video, Michael Tennant talks about the overview of the ever growing Medicare program. He talks about its inception, it’s current state, and where it’s headed.
VIDEO - Professor Steve Byas talks about the recent videos that surfaced online raising even more questions about Planned Parenthood's operation. Professor Byas talks about how this is a lighting rod of an opportunity and that Americans should continue to press the issue.
VIDEO - Colin Gunn, documentary director, talks about methods and avenues the United States can take to restore medical liberty in America.
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