The states have been expanding the number of residents eligible for Medicaid ever since ObamaCare created the regulatory ability to do so, and even so-called Red States are moving to put more people on the dole.

The medical profession needs a doctor — stat. This conclusion is inescapable, with stories about how fewer people are entering medicine, leading to a physician shortage; and, more shockingly, about how many doctors are leaving the field for greener pastures. The reasons? Demoralizing, stifling government bureaucracy; the rise of STEM jobs; and younger generations that value status over service.



While "Medicare for all" may sound inexpensive and full-care, it is really quite expensive and hard to access.





Two whistleblowers are claiming that they were virtually run out of a Veterans Affairs hospital in Jennings, Louisiana, after they reported widespread corruption.


The Trump administration has proposed doing away with an Obama-era rule allowing states to withhold union dues from Medicaid payments to home healthcare providers.

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