It is being reported that Planned Parenthood has been secretly constructing a “mega-clinic” abortion facility in southern Illinois to increase the unborn body count.

The Trump administration announced on Monday it would be re-allocating $33.6 million in funds originally slated for Planned Parenthood to healthcare groups that provide healthcare instead of abortions for FY 2019.

A puberty-blocking medication prescribed for children misidentified as “transgender” may be imperiling the young.

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said the healthcare plan he is offering will eliminate medical debt in this country and the federal government will pay off past-due medical bills.

If you’re on Medicaid, the program won’t cover your root canal or a nose job that could make you feel better about yourself. But if you want the body alteration known as “gender-reassignment surgery” so you can feel better about yourself, taxpayers must now foot the bill — according to an Obama-appointed judge.

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