Thursday, 13 July 2017

How States Can Help Bring Down ObamaCare

Written by  Michael Maharrey

States can and should help end Obamacare whether Congress does its job, or not.
Will Republicans in Congress actually send Pres. Trump a bill to repeal Obamacare?
At this point, it seems highly unlikely. The changes to the ACA proposed by the U.S. House and Senate keep the basic the framework of Obamacare in place. It’s not even repeal and replace. It’s more like tinker around the edges and keep it in place. So far, the Republican-controlled Congress hasn’t shown any signs of being able to get even these modest “reforms” passed.
In light of Congress’ apparent ineptitude, it’s important to note states can take action right now that will set the stage to bring the Affordable Care Act down, no matter what Congress does.
By refusing to provide any state or local cooperation with the implementation or administration of Obamacare — or whatever version of national healthcare Republicans create.
The ACA was predicated on state cooperation. Any Republican “replacement” will be as well. By ending all state actions that support the ACA and refusing to enforce any of its mandates, a state can make it nearly impossible to run Obamacare within its borders.
The federal government never intended to run the healthcare system alone, and ultimately, it can’t do it without state help. It even tried to compel states to expand Medicaid under the act, but that portion was struck down in the famous “Obamacare case,” NFIB v. Sebelius.
Additionally, we’ve seen the difficulties created for the Act by the number of states that simply refused to set up exchanges for the federal government.
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