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UN “Elders” Demand Americans Accept Government Healthcare

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Surprise! Globalists want to impose government healthcare on Americans whether they want it or not. After doing such a great job undermining freedom around the world, a group of United Nations and government bigwigs styling themselves “The Elders” demanded that the American people submit to a tax-funded “universal healthcare” regime. The international alliance demanding unconstitutional policies, founded by a senior Communist Party leader who spent years on the U.S. terror list for his involvement in mass murder and terrorism, suggested that the profit motive inherent in markets was causing a crisis in the U.S. health sector. But even the briefest examination of the false claims and the shady characters who are making them show that there is a much more sinister agenda at work.  

The Big Government demands were made at an event hosted by “The Elders” in New York City dubbed “Walk Together.” Among the lead “Elders” calling for Americans to surrender even more freedom was recently departed UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, a fanatical globalist who regularly referred to the dictator-dominated UN as the “Parliament of Humanity.” As expected, despite the UN's membership roster including a wide range of mass-murdering despots, Ban focused his attention on criticizing the United States. His chief complaint: Americans' failure to submit to a government-controlled healthcare regime, as demanded in the UN's controversial (and unratified) UN Agenda 2030, also known as the UN “Sustainable Development Goals” or SDGs.

Before leaving office, Ban referred to the globalist UN Agenda 2030 as the “Declaration of Interdependence.” And despite the failure to get the recipe for global socialism and technocracy ratified by the U.S. Senate, Ban was still touting the radical scheme as the basis for global policymaking last week. “One of my proudest achievements during my ten year tenure as United Nations Secretary-General was bringing together every country [government and dictator] in the world to commit to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” he claimed about the scheme, which the mass-murdering communist dictatorship in China boasted of playing a “crucial role” in developing. “Moreover, they are universal and apply to every nation on the planet, including upper income countries such as the United States.”

Apparently, Ban is either lying or is unbelievably ignorant. Perhaps he has never read the U.S. Constitution, which sets out the procedure for the ratification of treaties such as UN Agenda 2030. Obviously, a signature by a rogue president on an unconstitutional UN document does not “commit” his “country” to anything, Ban's outlandish comments notwithstanding. In fact, even if two thirds of the U.S. Senate were to vote in favor of ratification, which is highly unlikely, treaties cannot legitimately grant unconstitutional powers to the U.S. government without a properly ratified amendment to the Constitution. Agenda 2030 calls for national and international wealth redistribution, globalist indoctrination of every child on the planet, and a broad range of other unconstitutional policies.  

In Sustainable Development Goal 3, the UN scheme demands “universal” (read: government-controlled) healthcare coverage. “Please note this goal’s emphasis on universality: that ALL people should lead healthy lives,” Ban declared at the event in New York last week. “This can only be possible when everybody receives the quality health services they need, without suffering financial hardship.” Using Marxist rhetoric, Ban went on to declare that healthcare must be “allocated according to people’s needs,” and “the health system financed according to people’s ability to pay.” Perhaps that is why communist North Korea, where millions have perished in famines caused by Marxist central planning, got a pass in Ban's speech — at least the “health” regime there is organized along UN-approved Marxist lines.     

Of course, the U.S. government already spends unfathomable amounts of tax money, unconstitutionally, on “health” programs of all sorts. For instance, Medicaid and Medicare alone cost taxpayers over a trillion dollars annually, and the two programs cover more than 20 percent of Americans. And yet, Ban decided to take direct aim not at North Korea, or Syria, or Cuba, or China, or Sudan, or Zimbabwe (where the genocidal Marxist regime is frequently praised by the UN for its crumbling but UN-approved “health” system) — but at the United States of America. Seriously.      

“Unfortunately, in the U.S., all too often only rich people get access to expensive, life-saving treatments,” he claimed, falsely, without noting that in places with government-controlled healthcare, all too often, nobody gets access to myriad life-saving treatments, including innocent British babies such as Charlie Gard who were unfortunate enough to be born in nations with “universal” health regimes. “This is unjust and threatens everybody’s health when working and middle class people with communicable diseases can’t afford treatments for their infections. And even routine preventative care is often prohibitively expensive.” It is true that care is expensive in America, but countless studies have shown that much of the problem involves the very government intervention that Ban is demanding even more of.

Ban, who was forced to drop out of the South Korean presidential race this year amid a massive corruption scandal, continued to attack American freedoms using falsehoods. “As America is demonstrating, you simply cannot reach UHC [Universal Health Coverage] if your health system is dominated by private financing and ultimately functions to prioritize profit over care,” he continued, complaining, again falsely, that the United States was the only remaining “high income” country where people are not all dependent on government for their healthcare. The disgraced former UN boss did not explain why grocery stores, say, can achieve Universal Grocery Coverage in a system dominated by profit instead of feeding.    

After touting a handful of misleading statistics — “for example Thailand which only spends 4.1% of its smaller GDP on its very successful universal health system” — Ban went on to appeal to emotion. “It simply breaks my heart to see surviving victims of tragic mass shootings then be potentially bankrupted because they cannot afford their hospital and recovery bills,” Ban continued, again inventing things and never providing a single example of a shooting victim being bankrupted by hospital bills (apparently his heart was not broken by the slow death of baby Gard in Britain, who was prevented by government from coming to America to seek care, or even by the far more numerous shooting victims in Mexico, which bans civilian gun ownership). “This is one of the clearest indictments of the state of America’s health system today. But there is a better way.”  

Ignoring the Constitution and the will of Americans as expressed in democratic elections, Ban went on to outline the health regime he thinks the federal government should impose on the United States to comply with his illegitimate, unratified Agenda 2030. “Global evidence shows that the only way to reach equitable UHC is through public financing — either through general taxation or progressive social health insurance,” he said, without citing the alleged “global evidence” he relied on. Ban went on to spread conspiracy theories about “powerful interests” that he suggested were duping Americans into stopping government healthcare through the “spread of mis-information” on the alleged “benefits of publicly financed health systems.”  

But he urged Americans not to fear, because government healthcare could become a reality quickly. “What is required is courageous political leadership to take on the interest groups and bring needed health benefits to the majority of the people,” he claimed, citing dishonest polls claiming most Americans want the government to control their healthcare. “When citizens, governments, and healthcare professionals work together to ensure health for all in every country, we will truly be one step closer to the freedom we all deserve.” How government control of healthcare would bring anyone closer to “freedom,” properly defined, was not immediately clear.  

Aside from Ban, a number of other prominent former UN and government officials styling themselves “Elders” made similar demands last week. Among them was fringe leftwing activist and former prime minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundland, an “Elder” who ran the UN World Health Organization (which recently honored a genocidal dictator who has bankrupted his once-prosperous nation) and was one of the key figures behind the UN's totalitarian “sustainable development” agenda. In her remarks, she blasted President Donald Trump and America for seeking to dismantle the wildly unpopular health scheme known as ObamaCare.

Also chiming in was discredited former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, whose half-baked economic policies wrought so much havoc on America that he only served one term. Incredibly, in a piece co-written with Brundland, the Big Government-loving dynamic globalist duo even tried to pretend that Thomas Jefferson would have included government healthcare among the God-given rights listed in the Declaration of Independence. (They ignored the Creator part of it). But ironically, after praising America's “world-class hospitals and research institutes, and an almost unparalleled capacity for technological innovation,” Carter and Brundland claimed the lack of fully government-controlled healthcare “should be a national scandal.”

They never mentioned what part of the U.S. Constitution they believe authorizes any federal involvement in health, much less a total takeover of one-fifth of the U.S. economy. But they did praise Obama and his imploding ObamaCare scheme. “President Obama’s health reforms were a step in the right direction, especially in making health insurance mandatory,” they wrote, boldly declaring their hostility to freedom and choice, while praising ObamaCare's contraception mandates that force Christians to subsidize things they abhor. “Responsible leaders and citizens must come together and demand Americans enjoy the same rights to health as their fellow global citizens.”   

The so-called Elders group behind the push was founded by revolutionary Nelson Mandela, a member of the decision-making Central Committee of the Soviet-backed South African Communist Party who, for good reason, was on the U.S. State Department's list of terrorists until 2008. Before being sanitized by a “journalist” who went on to work for the Obama administration, Mandela's autobiography was filled with open support for violence, terrorism, communism, brutal mass-murdering dictators, and the use of force to undermine the will of the majority. That book, Long Walk to Freedom, inspired “The Elders” to refer to their ongoing propaganda campaign for globalism and socialism as “Walk Together,” they admitted.   

It is not the first time UN figures have demanded government healthcare for Americans. Indeed, in April of this year, the UN “Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health,” Dainius Puras, sent a threatening letter to the Trump administration and Congress. In short, the UN bureaucrat, who was indoctrinated into totalitarian communism growing up under Soviet rule, claimed that repealing ObamaCare would be a violation of what he described as “international law.” Of course, the Constitution is superior to the UN's pseudo-“law,” but one would never know it from reading the UN screed.     

In addition to government-controlled healthcare, the UN has been demanding that a broad range of totalitarian and unconstitutional policies be imposed on Americans against their will. For instance, after a jihadist with widely reported homosexual proclivities shot up a Florida nightclub for homosexuals, the Islamic prince running the UN's discredited “Human Rights Council” demanded that Obama impose “robust gun control” on Americans. The UN has also called for a federal ban on spanking children, an end to federalism, an end to constitutional limits on federal power, the overturning of state self-defense laws and due-process protections, government control over private schools, changes to the names of football teams, globalist indoctrination of all children, higher taxes, bigger government, an end to free speech, and much more.

However, as the UN and its lackeys become increasingly unhinged and bold in demanding tyranny for America, Americans are waking up to the scam — fast. In fact, President Trump was elected on a firmly anti-UN platform that included openly ridiculing the dictators club, vowing to cut off funding, and highlighting the fact that the UN is not a friend to freedom or the United States. Since his election, Trump has already taken some key steps to rein in the UN, including his announcement that the U.S. would withdraw from the UN “climate” regime negotiated at Paris. The administration has also announced that the U.S. government would leave the UN's scandal-plagued “education” bureaucracy known as UNESCO.

But while all of that is a decent start, it is not nearly enough to preserve freedom, self-government, God-given rights, and national independence over the long run. Legislation to completely end U.S. membership in the UN, known as the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 193), is already sitting in Congress. All that is needed now is for Americans to educate their communities and their elected representatives on the urgency of a U.S. government withdrawal from the dictators club. It can be done. And it must be done. But for that to happen, every God-fearing, freedom-loving patriot must get involved.

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Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe but has lived all over the world, including in Africa. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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