President Trump and HHS head Tom Price have many options on what to do with ObamaCare — most of them not likely to be needed as ObamaCare is collapsing nicely all by itself.

With health insurance companies being the bane of Americans, it seems silly to suggest that the private sector play a role in fixing the healthcare system, but it must be done.

Single-payer healthcare — such as Canada has — is sold with promises of low costs, abundant care, and high quality. But do the claims stack up to scrutiny?

Many Americans wish the United States had a government-run healthcare system similar to England’s. But we already have two of them: the VA and the Indian Health Service.

The Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare — has supporters because it offers subsidies and increased access to Medicaid, but there are good reasons why even most Democrats vilify it.

VIDEO - Michael Tennant discusses the problems that have been compounded in the healthcare industry due to government intervention and programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.
VIDEO - Contributor Michael Tennant discusses how government intervention in healthcare is creating a more complicated, inflated industry. He talks about methods that can be taken to get the government out of hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics.
VIDEO - In this video, Michael Tennant talks about the overview of the ever growing Medicare program. He talks about its inception, it’s current state, and where it’s headed.
VIDEO - Professor Steve Byas talks about the recent videos that surfaced online raising even more questions about Planned Parenthood's operation. Professor Byas talks about how this is a lighting rod of an opportunity and that Americans should continue to press the issue.
VIDEO - Colin Gunn, documentary director, talks about methods and avenues the United States can take to restore medical liberty in America.

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